Silent-Aire Promotes Hyperscale Industry Veteran Liam Thedford to Executive Vice President

Trusted by the worlds largest hyperscale providers.

Liam Thedford promoted to Executive Vice President at Silent-Aire

Liam's expertise, insight and leadership have had a profound and positive effect on Silent-Aire and most importantly our clients”

— Lindsey Leckelt Co-CEO Silent-Aire

EDMONTON, AB, CANADA, December 18, 2018 / — Silent-Aire, a global leader in mission critical data center innovation, today announced the promotion of Liam Thedford from Vice President Sales to Executive Vice President. Liam joined Silent-Aire in March 2012 and serves as the leader of Silent-Aire’s hyperscale cooling and modular data center businesses.

“During his time with Silent-Aire, Liam’s contributions have been invaluable to not only driving the growth of the business, but also creating a great company culture for our employees,” said Lindsey Leckelt, Co-CEO of Silent-Aire. “His expertise, insight and leadership have had a profound and positive impact on Silent-Aire and most importantly our clients. Liam is a trusted advisor in the hyperscale industry and a valuable member of our executive team, and I look forward to the ongoing impact he will make as we advance the company in 2019 and beyond.”

“Since joining Silent-Aire, I have been fortunate to work with outstanding teams throughout the hyperscale industry,” said Thedford. “High-performing people are core to our DNA and are critical to ensuring we build a thriving corporate culture that is focussed on our vision of delivering innovative solutions. Silent-Aire has grown at the speed of the hyperscale industry and we will continue to expand our solutions globally.”

As Executive Vice President, Thedford oversees Silent-Aire’s hyperscale partners on a global scale and across the company’s seven manufacturing locations in USA, Canada and Ireland. In his role, Liam fosters a culture of collaboration and accountability and is a member of Silent-Aire’s executive team.

About Silent-Aire

Founded in 1994, Silent-Aire is a technology driven company that designs, engineers, manufactures and services hyperscale and edge data center solutions. Our portfolio of solutions includes modular data centers; power room modules, turnkey modular deployments, custom HVAC (CRACs, CRAHUs, AHUs) and mission critical services. Silent-Aire employs over 1000 people, with a total of 7 manufacturing facilities and a combined 650,000 sq/ft of capacity in Edmonton, Alberta, Gilbert, Arizona, and Dublin, Ireland. There are sales/service centers in Seattle, Washington, Boardman, Oregon, Ashburn, Virginia and Dublin. Our industry proven team designs advanced systems and engineered solutions for the most complex mission critical infrastructure challenges and has earned us the trust of the leading hyperscale and edge data center owners and operators.

Our . To learn more, please visit

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PEACE Cable Project Enters into Cable and Material Manufacturing Stage

Hengtong (sh:600487)

SUZHOU, JIANGSU, CHINA, December 18, 2018 / — PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of HENGTONG, is pleased to announce today, in conjunction with Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd, that the PEACE Cable project has entered into the cable and material manufacturing stage. The PEACE Cable system spanning 12,000 km will connect Asia, Africa and Europe and is targeted to be ready for service in the first quarter of 2020.

Once completed, the high-speed, 200G, 16Tbps per fiber pair PEACE Cable system will offer the shortest routes from China to Europe and Africa, dramatically reducing latency and providing a new information expressway for interconnection between the regions. The system’s open access and carrier neutral data centers will have a big impact in the countries connected to the cable system.

This project’s cable had been awarded to HENGTONG, whose submarine cables have been applied globally in recent years, including in the FOA project in Chile, the PNG project in Papua New Guinea, Avassa project in Comoros, the NaSCOM project in the Maldives, the Megacable project in Mexico and the IGW project in Peru, etc.

Sun Xiaohua, Chief Operating Officer of PEACE Cable said, “PEACE Cable has created a new business model in the submarine cable industry that builds a bridge for these regions communications and provides connectivity opportunities to players all along the route by investing in the branches and gaining bandwidth on the trunk in a more efficient way.”

About PEACE Cable Project
It is a privately owned cable system of 12,000 km and provides open, flexible and carrier-neutral services for its customers.
The system design will adopt the latest 200G technology and WSS technology, which provides the capability to transmit over 16Tbit/s per fiber pair, servicing growing regional capacity needs.
This network will provide a cost-effective, diverse route for the escalating demand for capacity among Asia, Africa and Europe and topology will substantially reduce network latency by adopting shortest direct route connectivity and enhancing route diversity between them.

Lijuan Zhu
Network Telecom Information
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Leonardo announced as Gold Sponsor, and Bittium announced as newly confirmed sponsor of Network Centric Warfare 2019

Network Centric Warfare 2019

Network Centric Warfare 2019

SMi Reports: Industry leader Leonardo joins as Gold Sponsor for the 3rd annual Network Centric Warfare conference, alongside new sponsor Bittium.

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 18, 2018 / — SMi Group is pleased to announce Leonardo as the Gold Sponsor for next year’s Network Centric Warfare conference, in addition to Bittium, who have also been recently confirmed to sponsor the event.

Next year’s conference is returning to Rome, Italy on the 4th and 5th February 2019, to host an international gathering of military and industry experts with the aim of providing delegates with comprehensive coverage of Network Centric Warfare and its future capabilities.

Industry leader Leonardo is the prime contractor, system integrator and systems authority for the architectural requirements for the Italian Forza NEC programme, one of the primary focuses of the conference, as high-ranking Italian Army officials are set to speak and present on the topic.

The project is managed by the Italian Defence Administration and Italian industries with the aim of modernising the Italian Armed Forces, whose senior military responsible for NEC will be speaking and presenting at next year's event.

As new risks, and security and defence policies from NATO and the EU constantly emerge, there is a continuous demand for the improvement of military capabilities.*

This operation is supported by a substantial commitment to the development of net-centric capabilities, like Italy's FORZA, UK's Morpheus, and Germany's MoTaKo NEC programmes, which will all be explored in-depth by senior military officials at Network Centric Warfare 2019.

Featured Experts presenting on NEC Programmes:

• Chief of 6th Division C4I and Chief Information Officer, Italian Army
• Branch Head of Digitisation of Land-Based Operations, German Army Headquarters
• Deputy Head BATCIS, Joint Forces Command, UK MoD

The two-day conference will provide attendees with the latest updates in Network Centric Warfare, including joint interoperability, Network Centric Warfare in the operational sphere, and more. It will also provide exclusive networking opportunities with high-ranking military experts, industry leaders, and sponsors including Bittium, Leonardo, and Rajant.

Download the latest event brochure on the website to view the agenda and full speaker line-up, and register your place at

Network Centric Warfare
4th – 5th February 2019
Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter's Hotel & Spa, Rome, Italy

Sponsored by Bittium and Rajant


—- END —-

About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at

Maria Mandic
SMi Group
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AppFutura ranks the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Russia – December 2018

Top Mobile App Development Companies Russia December 2018

Top Mobile App Development Companies Russia December 2018

The global leader in marketplace and directory for app developers, AppFutura, has ranked the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Russia – December 2018.

The list shows the 10 best Mobile App Development Companies in Russia during this December”

— AppFutura

BARCELONA, BARCELONA, SPAIN, December 18, 2018 / — AppFutura is the leader in global mobility when talking about a directory and marketplace for app developers. The team at the company has ranked the best and most promising mobile app development companies in Russia during this last December 2018.

With the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Russia – December 2018, AppFutura wants to highlight the best app developers in the country. During these last years, Russia has become a new hub for app development and now it is home to Top App Developers in Russia.

The list features these top 10 mobile app development companies:
Umbrella IT
Live Typing
Heads and Hands
Lodoss team
Siberian. pro

AppFutura has become a global lead-generation platform working in two ways. The first one is a worldwide directory providing high exposure to main app development companies located in different cities around the world. From there, potential customers can found their desired app developer bringing direct inquiries and clicks to the developers' websites. On the other hand, AppFutura has a project dashboard where businesses can post their app development needs, receive development proposals from top development companies and eventually hire their favorite through a safe payment system. For those in need of more thorough support, AppFutura's team can help you select the best candidates for your needs and will also assist you during the whole development process.

App developers are welcome to join our listings of Top App Developers or get in touch with our team to learn how they can benefit from using our platform.

AppFutura SL
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Symons Says: Exploring 2019’s Top 5 Challenges For Cloud Migration And DR Initiatives With Sureline Systems COO

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2018 / — A wide range of cloud migration and disaster recovery innovations have recently hit the market. With the wide variety of technologies and marketing messages, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to evaluate the myriad of product choices and make strategic purchasing decisions. George Symons, COO of Sureline Systems, an innovative leader in enterprise-class cloud migration and disaster recovery solutions explores five key questions customers should ask themselves when planning their cloud migration and disaster recovery projects slated for 2019.

1. Is security or ease-of-use more important when contemplating a migration strategy? In most cases, they should be equally important, but, with the recent rash of data breaches across all sectors and geographies, security should remain the prime consideration.
2. What is the impact of disappearing enterprise data centers having on cloud migration initiatives? Migration continues to be important as enterprises are modernizing their data centers with private clouds, as well as moving more workloads to public clouds.
3. What is the impact of the move toward greater adoption of SaaS having on migration and or DR strategies/initiatives? How is this changing the landscape and why has it become so prevalent? There are three options when moving to a public cloud. You can migrate the application and server as is; you can refactor the application to be cloud-aware; or you can move to a SaaS solution. Each of these has to be considered based on strategic questions and each one depends on the specific application. This is not a one size fits all.
4. What direct impacts on staff are important to consider when initiating a cloud migration strategy? Automation of offerings? Ease-of-use? Speed with which staff can implement? Migration is a project that requires staff time, so the more the actual movement and transformation can be automated, the easier it will be on staff resources. Planning is always important, but the staff should be utilized for that aspect rather than the repetitive tasks.
5. If, as economists are projecting, the tech sector continues to soften, what impact will this have on migration initiatives? Should companies re-prioritize their initiatives? The issue is not the tech sector, but rather enterprises across all industries. With the economy still hot, this is the time for enterprises to plan and execute to be in a position that their infrastructure is modern. This will lead to additional migration projects to both private and public clouds.

About Sureline Systems
Sureline Systems enables business agility, productivity, and with cloud migration and disaster recovery of any virtual, physical, or containerized application or server at the push of a button. Sureline's patented, award winning SUREedge® enterprise-class software solutions deliver application mobility that is secure, reliable and efficient and is key to enabling transitions to the cloud, new infrastructures and a myriad of other transformative architectures. Sureline partners with industry leaders including Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, Nutanix, and AWS. Sureline is headquartered in San Jose, CA., and its products and services are available through a global network of VARs and technology service providers.

Douglas W. Gruehl
Sureline Systems Inc
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How Marketing To Baby Boomers Unlocks Access To $800 Billion In Capital

92% of baby boomers shop online — and these easy tips will help you hone your marketing strategies to tap into their $80 billion in capital.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2018 / — Did you know that 92% of Baby Boomers shop online as opposed to brick and mortar stores?

Plus, nearly all Baby Boomers regularly use search engines and email, too. That's right — businesses shouldn't just be focusing their attention on Millennials.

Because this digitally engaged demographic has more disposable income than younger target audiences, modern businesses should contemplate investing marketing efforts into capturing the 54 to 72-year-olds.

However, just because Baby Boomers use the same platforms as other age groups doesn't mean you should use the same old run of the mill marketing efforts.

We sat down with Jeff Millman, Chief Creative Officer of GKV — a leading digital agency that has seen particularly poignant success in marketing to baby boomers.

He shared the leading platforms baby boomers utilize, the marketing content that drives revenue, just how much capital Baby Boomers have to spend on products and more.

DesignRush: GKV provides a large scope of customized digital marketing services. How do you learn about each clients’ brand identity and how does that help you create more effective digital campaigns?

Jeff Millman: It depends on our entry point. We are often tasked with building a brand story from scratch, along with the client. We become immersed in every facet of the business and the corporate culture.

I liken it to being the unseen person who interviews the tribemates on Survivor. The trick is to take all the company’s raw footage, so to speak, and edit it into an engaging and sustainable show.

However, when you’re contracted to work on an existing brand with a history and a management team with a track record, you can’t be arrogant or presumptuous enough to immediately start re-arranging furniture.

We concentrate on really uncovering the true vision and the values of the company and bringing them forward in the communications. Shared values can be communicated in so many ways throughout the user experience. This is especially important to Baby Boomers, who demand to know you’re why, not just your where and how.

DR: It's easy for modern businesses to focus on younger demographics who understand digital interactions, but what is the value of targeting other age groups?

JM: The short answer is that baby boomers have a lot of money. The demographic has 80 million people who control $800 billion worth of capital that they are able to spend. That’s nearly 42% of all after-tax income that moves through the U.S. economy.

At the same time, if you are increasing your older American marketing efforts, it becomes more nuanced. You have to know who you’re talking to.

DR: Tell us about the value of the Baby Boomer demographic – a large generation often called the "me generation." What qualities, behaviors and shopping habits do they exhibit that are beneficial to businesses?

JM: Baby Boomers are online, and they are using social media. And their usage, in terms of percentage, is growing at a faster rate than any other demographic.

Baby Boomers are huge consumers of information on Facebook. About 60% of Baby Boomers read online articles for information, 70% watch videos. And a huge amount of those videos are shared with others in their identity networks. Also, Boomers use smartphones.

They’re exposed to and act on mobile ads. So, the days of just TV, radio and print are over. While Boomers still engage with and respond to traditional marketing tactics, the marketing mix towards baby boomers must include digital.

DR: Do Baby Boomers respond well to advertising and marketing on digital platforms?

JM: Video and social media – especially Facebook – are heavily used by Baby Boomers. And they love to share content, mostly because, as we get older, we are more right-brain-oriented. Family, friends and the general human condition become more interesting and important to us.

DR: Because information consumption and distribution are so big with Baby Boomers, would content marketing be a good marketing tactic to invest in?

JM: Absolutely. First, we have greater attention spans! We’ll hang with interesting video content longer than younger people. And, as I mentioned, we are likely to engage with content in all forms if demonstrates shared values and connects with us emotionally.

DR: How can businesses formulate a marketing strategy that integrates traditional and digital components while still creating a consistent brand experience for Baby Boomers?

JM: The biggest advice, from my point of view, is don’t stereotype the cohort. Baby Boomers share a real zeitgeist of values, born of their revolutionary coming of age years in the '60s and '70s.

But when you’re marketing to them, you’ve got to apply some nuance. Baby Boomers aren’t just older versions of their younger selves.

Therefore, businesses can’t just co-opt the symbols, phrases, and music of Baby Boomers and just attach their logo.

Remember, Baby Boomers have been marketed to all their lives and can smell a sales pitch a mile away. Because of that, authenticity and values matter most to them. Anything that comes across as slick and self-serving will not be well received.

DR: It seems like baby boomers share similar qualities – such as a strong reliance on values – with the Generation Z. Have you found that to be true?

JM: Yeah, it’s funny how that works.

For example, the values that brought so many people to the massive 2016 Women’s March — honesty, fairness, respect for every culture, and, of course, respect for women—are equally important to both Gen Z and Baby Boomers.

In many ways, the path of Generation Z was forged by Baby Boomers.

DR: Tell us about some marketing projects you or your team has worked on that targeted Baby Boomers.

JM: I think the biggest one, in terms of changing the rules of engagement, was GKV’s work for the national rollout of the Medicare Prescription Drug program about 10 years ago.

Prior to that campaign, promoting a new Medicare benefit mostly used earned media and very dry, government language kind of advertising.

Our work was completely different. Because the government — unlike successful companies — has no true north vision or values, we created a campaign vision.

The theme was Help is Here. Help in the form of a new, important benefit. Help in understanding the plan and making an informed decision. And that help was available from many sources — government agencies, advocacy organizations, peers, children, and even grandchildren.

We encouraged beneficiaries and their families to become fully informed and then have meaningful conversations about the new Medicare Prescription Drug plan.

Because it was complicated. And we wanted the friends and the grown children of Medicare beneficiaries to become stakeholders in the enrollment process.

We developed a multi-channel campaign based on information, empathy and engagement, with a strong emphasis on empathy. We injected humor into the equation, because, really… who the hell wants to talk about Medicare and prescription drugs?

My favorite line from the campaign was when a woman, who was sitting at a table with her 65-ish Mom and Dad and explaining something from the Medicare brochure, turned to the camera and triumphantly said, “I just made up for 40 years of disappointing my parents”.

The campaign was incredibly successful, with more enrollment than any other government program in history. And the learning was that any organization – even a government bureaucracy – can succeed by being authentic and human.

Recently, GKV built a campaign for a small health insurance plan in New York. The competitive advantage of the company was human touch and local history vs the giant national health plans.

So, we shot video on the streets of the boroughs, with real people, and clearly demonstrated that the plan takes the time to be present in their neighborhoods and understands what is really important to them.

DR: Do Baby Boomers respond to experiential marketing?

JM: Absolutely. We were doing it with baby boomers before it had the name.

The fundamentals of community outreach haven’t changed.

The nature of structures, the way you can use real estate, how to use video technology, all of that has enhanced the fundamental value of street-to-street, person-to-person communication.

Because of that, GKV is well-versed in all of what is now experiential marketing.

It’s the same song, just a different beat. Our mantra is to go to where Baby Boomers live, work, play and pray – especially for our health insurance clients.

DR: What best practices should businesses follow when marketing to Baby Boomers?

JM: I’d say first and foremost, brands should appreciate baby boomers’ acceptance and use of technology and social platforms.

And when advertising to them, regardless of how much the stock libraries suck, don’t show baby boomers photos of grandpa fishing and grandma gardening. That would be monumentally offensive and stupid.

But — and this is important — don’t contribute to the newly-emerging Baby Boomer stereotype — that being the mountain-climbing, motorcycle-riding, super-Boomer adventurer. That’s nearly as tone-deaf as the rocking chair stuff.

DR: Can businesses effectively target several audiences and age groups at once in their marketing campaigns?

JM: Absolutely. There are many brands doing this successfully.

Prudential is doing a hell of a job, in particular. Not only are they talking about the need to save for retirement to millennials and generation X, but they are also speaking to the freedom you have as someone financially prepared for retirement as a Baby boomer.

Volvo is doing a great job as well. Their recent campaign with a family in a Volvo going to a wedding, then throughout other life stages, doesn’t hit any audience in the head. It connects with everyone. It is a great contemporary statement.

DR: Overall, why should businesses pay better attention to the Baby Boomer generation and how will they drive valuable business growth?

JM: Again, the simple answer is 80 million Baby Boomers with $800 billion dollars of disposable income. And they’re not just spending on things they need—like health care—they’re spending it on things they desire. Travel, technology, cars, experiences, stuff for their grandkids.

DR: Anything else to add?

JM: I firmly believe that to be an effective marketer to Baby Boomers, you have to have some on your team. To have the input of people who have lived – and are still living – a similar life is an enormous advantage.

I’m afraid that too many people who are trying to speak to an older or multigenerational audience are just looking at it through the eyes of a 30-year-old copywriter. And really, there is so much more to draw from. The smart guys should have baby boomers on their teams – and that is something that GKV prioritizes.

Are you ready to expand your target audience to Baby Boomers? Click here to contact GKV and get started on your next marketing campaign.

Plus, discover the best digital marketing agencies around the world on

Stephanie M Sharlow
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Pro-In Protect Innovations reduces the risk of infection at airport security controls

Airports: Hand luggage security trays are the most contaminated places at an airport as scientific study says

ESCHBORN, HESSE, GERMANY, December 18, 2018 / — Hand luggage security trays at airports have until recently been overlooked as a health risk. A recent scientific study* has now proven that they are heavily contaminated with bacteria and viruses capable of causing infections which also could quickly develop into an outbreak of the flu and other epidemics. In response to this situation, the startup company Pro-In Protect Innovations has developed a special protective single-use inlay which minimizes the risk of infection from contaminated luggage trays.

At the end of August 2018, the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland and the University of Nottingham in the UK published a study* funded by the European Union on bacterial and viral load at airports. Airport security trays, which are provided to scan hand luggage and other personal items, have been found to be the most heavily contaminated. Luggage trays pose one of the highest health risks and play a key role in the spread of epidemics and pandemics.

Pathogens can remain active in the luggage trays and on personal belongings for days. Nothing has been developed to combat this problem until now. The startup company Pro-In Protect Innovations, based in Eschborn, Germany, has now come up with a special protective inlay for luggage trays called Pro-In Protect Inlay. The inlay is placed inside the security tray and is immediately discarded after use. Direct contact between the surface of the trays and personal belongings is eliminated which prevents any contamination during the security check process. As Eckhard Melz from Pro-In Protect Innovations explains, “The protective inlay provides a reliable and hygienic solution which safeguards the health of everyone concerned. This simple measure minimizes the risk of infection from pathogens and contaminants.” The inlays are simple and quick to use, so they do not disrupt the airport security screening process. Using regenerated plastic material the product could help to manage the worldwide problem of plastic waste.

The Pro-In Protect Inlay is available in two different materials: a regranulated material made from recycled plastic or a fully recyclable PE film. The company is also planning to manufacture the tray inlays from other environmentally-friendly materials. The innovative protective inlays have been developed to fulfill the requirements of airports, airlines, large organisations which have their own security checkpoints and hotels. For further information, please visit

About Pro-In Protect Innovations:
Pro-In Protect Innovations GmbH (i.G.) is based in the town of Eschborn located in the southern part of the state of Hesse in Germany. The team led by Managing Director Saray González Marín and Director Eckhard Melz specializes in manufacturing and distributing healthcare products that are used in busy public spaces such as airports, large organisations and hotels. The Pro-In Protect Inlay luggage tray inlays minimizes the risk of infection when passengers and luggage are checked through airport security and help to minimize the threat of epidemics and pandemics.

Pro-In Protect Innovations GmbH (i.G.)
Mergenthaler Allee 73 – 75
65760 Eschborn/Germany

Eckhard Melz
Pro-In Protect Innovations GmbH
+49 6196 9994294
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5 Ways to handle angry customers in a Call Center

Call center representatives have to handle angry customers every day, Call center agent never gets caught up in emotion and solves the problem with grace.

WE ARE Order Taking call center in India FOR ALL (INCLUDING INDIA) we record every call we answer and we record every call we make”

— Raj Kanojia

DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA, December 17, 2018 / — Call center representatives have to handle angry customers every day but the good contact call center agent never gets caught up in emotion and solves the problem with grace.

The following five techniques can help to increase customer service quality and handling the angry customer.

• Listen: – The first step of handling the anger customer is to be empathic towards them and listen to them carefully. The caller speaks in louder voice due to some frustration so provide chance to caller to express displeasure. Good agent instead of getting angry actively listens and takes the notes to defuse the situation. The agents should listen to whole story without interrupting before answering to the caller. Usually caller gives chance to solve the problem after narrating the bad experience story.

• Don’t Get Upset or Angry: – The customer care agents should keep in mind that the caller is not attacking you individually. Take care of your tone and ensure that situation should be under control. Take deep breath and have a little bit of empathy for the caller to understand their point of view.

• Repeat Information: – Show the customer that you are concern for them and apologize to them for the problem and summarize their main points. This will make the caller feel that you are listening and will help them. You should meet the customer expectation and always stick to the point. Always promise only what you can deliver and fulfill your words.

• Don’t Make Customers Wait Longer: – The most important thing is that never keep the customer call on hold. The hold time will increase their frustration and escalate the situation. When you are completely aware of the problem resolve it as soon as possible. This is the best time to prove yourself as the best contact call center agent.

• Make the Caller Happy: – Apologize the customer for the problem caused and assure them that you are looking into it. You will try your best to solve it. If your company policies allow provide them discount or gift vouchers as compensation to retain them. Before ending the call bring smile on their face by appreciation or small joke. It will help you to win over the customer with kindness.

VCare customer provides training to their contact call center agents to be patience and solve the queries of customers quickly. They also provide training for how to handle the angry customers so that their staff may not get stuck in one single call.

Raj Kanojia
Vcare Customers
+91 98910 57170
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Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Microphone Allows Clinicians to Transcribe Anywhere in Complete Privacy

Industry best noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone

Accurately document patient information without being overheard by others while additionally eliminating all background noise.

Stenomask is an effective tool that eliminates background noise in our busy workplace while simultaneously providing voice privacy when using speech recognition for clinical documentation.”

— K. Somner, B.C. Ministry of Health

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, December 14, 2018 / — Voice technology in healthcare is not yet the ubiquitous application that we believe it will soon become. The major concerns are patient privacy, HIPAA compliance, potentially leaving confidential information unprotected and the challenge of clear voice communication in a noisy and busy clinical setting, particularly when complex medical vocabulary is required.

Many physicians use voice technology for clinical decision support and documentation in their office or home however they are much less inclined to do so in the presence of their patients.
There is a practical and affordable solution to this problem.

Talk Technologies engineers and manufactures specialized microphones (stenomasks) that allow clinicians to use speech recognition and verbally communicate in public without anyone overhearing them. Our voice isolating technology enables private transcription and verbal communication while simultaneously eliminating all background noise.

Stenomask functions like a sound-booth only in pocket sized form, guaranteeing clear voice communications in loud and busy clinical settings. Your documentation can now be captured anywhere in complete privacy.


Complies with HIPAA privacy and security rules
Decreases potential security risks and protects the privacy of individuals’ health information
Lightweight, affordable and road worthy durability
Compatible with all speech recognition software including Dragon medical
No start up time or learning curve, simply plug in and go
Doctors that use clinical speech recognition are 23% happier
They feel more confident about technology and have a better experience
They move freely, spend more time with patients and can go home on time

Privately transcribing anywhere is an antidote to burnout. It helps doctors feel better about documentation, more satisfied and freer to practice as they see fit.

For more information please email or visit our website

D Webb
Talk Technologies
888 811 9944
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Stenomask SR Pro-1- silently transcribing with Dragon 15

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Kenya-based electric light and power company successfully conformed to QHSE requirements through MyEasyISO QHSE Software

Viola! We have been delighted when we came to know that compliance with QHSE requirements would be as easy as MyEasyISO software”

— QHSE Manager

VALLEY COTTAGE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2018 / — A company in Kenya has been well-known for its commercial distribution of electric power to its relevant interested parties. Due to economic and safety concerns that led to the regulation of the industry, they have come across with MyEasyISO QHSE Software that helped them easily conformed to the requirements of these management systems.

“As regulation raised economic and safety concerns, we have faced problem on how we can immediately cope up with this kind of situation. Viola! We have been delighted when we came to know that compliance with QHSE requirements would be as easy as MyEasyISO software” said, QHSE Manager.

In MyEasyISO QHSE software, all QHSE requirements are streamlined to modules that will make implementation and compliance fast and easy. MyEasyISO has a systematic approach to compliance, helping the organization minimize redundancies, thereby optimizing resources and costs. It provides a comprehensive and in-depth view of processes through multiple reports and dashboards. Documents and records can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

More about MyEasyISO

MyEasyISO is a customer first-choice Governance – Risk – Compliance software solution that offers powerful platforms to augment Quality, Environment, Health and Safety management systems. It offers flexible deployment models in the cloud or on-premise for several industries such as aviation, construction, oil and gas, chemical, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, energy and utilities, food and beverage, manufacturing and more.

MyEasyISO helps in achieving ISO certification so you can manage regulations and standards like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, ISO 22000 and many others.

MyEasyISO software is smart enough to know the specific needs of your organization to help you manage ISO compliance smartly. To find out more visit or email your queries to

Sree Vidhya
Effivity Technologies LLC
+1 800-233-1425
email us here

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