Ai4 Cybersecurity: The First Conference to Exclusively Explore How AI & ML Are Impacting The Cybersecurity Industry

Ai4 Cybersecurity is a two-day conference taking place on April 29th and 30th, 2019 in New York City.

After artificial intelligence, cybersecurity will never be the same.”

— Co-Founder, Ai4 Cybersecurity, Michael Weiss

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2019 / — The two-day cybersecurity conference will occur on April 29th and 30th, 2019 in New York City. Executives and data practitioners from Fortune 500 companies and government organizations will be in attendance to learn how artificial intelligence is impacting cybersecurity operations.

In its inaugural year, the Ai4 Cybersecurity conference is taking place at the center of this industry-wide AI transformation. The conference provides a knowledge sharing venue for both business executives and data practitioners to compare notes on their AI journeys. CISOs from enterprise companies like CA Technologies and Pioneer Natural Resources, leaders of cybersecurity firms like Darktrace, and practitioners from organizations like MIT Lincoln Labs and CERT will take the stage to discuss how they have successfully implemented and benefitted from artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Attendees will encounter two distinct tracks, the Business Track and the Data Track, that differentiate between non-technical and technical discussions. Topics will be covered either from the perspective of the business exec (Business Track) or data practitioner (Data Track). Topics include company-wide cyber health monitoring, modeling corporate cyber risk, vulnerability management, data security and data loss prevention, automated classification of data, identifying corrupted training data, combating advanced AI threats and zero-day attacks, optimization of alerts, orchestration and incident response, incident response storytelling, AI and cloud security, DevOps security, white hat hacking and penetration testing.

Once the conference ends each day, "AI After Dark" picks up with a series of curated dinners on Monday night and an Ai4 bar crawl on Tuesday. You can apply to attend Ai4 Cybersecurity, taking place on April 29th and 30th, 2019 at 117 W 46th Street, New York, NY.

Ai4 Cybersecurity is part of the Ai4 Conference Series which organizes industry-specific conferences centered around AI applications. In 2019, Ai4 conferences will educate 1500+ top executives & data practitioners at the world’s largest companies about how they can responsibly leverage AI today. Confusion is still commonplace when discussing AI for the enterprise; from basic definitions all the way to implementation. Through our conferences and content, we aim to provide a common understanding of what AI means to the enterprise. Visit our homepage at to learn about each of our conferences: Ai4 Finance, Ai4 Healthcare, Ai4 Cybersecurity, Ai4 Retail, and Ai4 Telecom.

CALL FOR PRESS: Are you a journalist who writes about cybersecurity? Do you write about AI in cybersecurity?! Email us at to request press credentials.

Confirmed Speakers To The April Conference Include:
Erin Kenneally, Portfolio Manager – Cyber Security Division, US Department of Homeland Security
John Prokap, CISO, HarperCollins
Michele Guel, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco
Chris Novak, Director of Threat Advisory Research, Verizon 
Hussein Syed, CISO, RWJBarnabas Health
Justin Vermillion, Head of Application Security, Los Alamos
Eliezer Kanal, Data Science Team Lead, CERT
Serge Vilvovsky, Consultant – Cyber Security & Big Data Software Engineering, MIT Lincoln Labs
Justin Vermillion, Office Leader, Los Alamos
Nick Sikora, Cybersecurity Engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton
Tina Posey, Program Manager – Cyber Security Operations, Conde Nast
Vernon Habersetzer, Senior Enterprise Technical Expert, Walmart
Leo Simonovich, Vice President & Global Head – Industrial Cyber and Digital Security, Siemens Energy
David Billeter, CISO, CA Technologies
Ricardo Lafosse, CISO, Morningstar 
Raghu Dev, Director Identity and Access Management, BNY Mellon
Yossi Barkalifa, Head of Cybersecurity & Compliance, Amdocs
Parthasarathi Chakraborty, Head of Cybersecurity Architecture & Strategy, Guardian Life
Aaron Blackstone, CISO, Texas Department of Public Safety
Gregory Wilson, CISO, Pioneer Natural Resources
Jason Odell, Director, Incident Response, Walmart 

Michael Weiss
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Domain Name Stat Launches Big Data Platform for Proactively Gathering Domain Name Statistics

Detailed statistical reports allow professional users across sectors and locations to monitor domain name registrations and trends.

ARCADIA, CA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2019 / — Domain Name Stat, LLC announces the launch of Domain Name Stat, a big data platform that analyzes domain registrations’ patterns and produces statistical reports and data feeds for professionals in different fields. “We have one of the world’s largest domain databases. Data-driven individuals and organizations in need of statistical summaries about domain trends will find this source very helpful as part of their undertakings,” says Jonathan Zhang, CEO & founder of the company.

Domain Name Stat parses a vast amount of records in the form of tables, graphs, summaries, and more. The statistical data allows users to grasp trends and market changes by observing domain registrations per top-level domain (TLD), registrar, and registrants’ country.

The platform lays out domain registrations’ dynamics for generic, country, and new TLDs. TLDs’ statistics include the number and distribution of domains that are registered for every TLD type over a particular period. These reports provide an overview of the daily and monthly activities for the quantities of active registrations, pending deletes, and renewals, as well as additional domain updates and behaviors.

Reports can be filtered per registrar, the number of TLDs that the entity works with, and other details such as the number of registered domains, global market share, and registered IDs assigned by ICANN.

Reviewing domain by location enable users to check which countries have the highest share of registrations. Reports also include the number of TLDs the country works with, and domain name registrations by country, signed zones, and upcoming deletes.

“While examining statistics, one can find out about the popularity of domain types, trends in domain registrations, removals, and renewed domains, as well as registrar-based categories all-in-one,” Jonathan says.

Domain Name Stat claims that the platform is intended for various applications. Marketing researchers can obtain reports to gauge the conditions of emerging and fading business niches. They can view trends of new, transferred, or abandoned domain names.

Security authorities can monitor domains to assess the likelihood of cyber issues. Professionals can also follow domain statistics to see if suspect registrations are on the rise, which can signify upcoming phishing attacks.

Domainers can use the platform to understand the current domain activities for a given TLDs and evaluate the competitive position of other domain providers. They can also look out for domain selling opportunities by observing the numbers provided in the reports.

For registrars, the statistics help detect which aspects of their services need improvements, for example, by comparing themselves with other registrars and their ability to attract particular types of registrants.

Social scientists can use the platform to probe social and political phenomena focusing on country-based domains and gain insights about emerging contemporary issues.

Additionally, Domain Name Stat is useful for creating analytics models as it allows to acquire statistical reports without requiring the expertise or resources necessary to aggregate vast domain data manually in-house.

The company also provides access to a WHOIS database download service, which currently contains over 300 million active domains. The registration information is gathered from all top registrars like GoDaddy, Tucows, NameCheap, and others.

Users who want to access the directory itself can do it directly on the website, and the data is available in various formats, including MYSQL, MYSQL dump or CSV file. The database is updated frequently, considering there are thousands of new domain registrations every day on average.

“The insights within domain records are very valuable, and more businesses are coming to understand this. Domain names are inherently connected to websites and domain owners and working with a WHOIS database is, therefore, a practical way to keep track of who owns the web,” Jonathan says.

“What’s more? Big data is everywhere, and it has the potential to transform businesses and offer a competitive edge to companies of all types and sizes. Domain Name Stat steps in right on time for those who do not have the means to process huge amounts of information and leverage big domain name data by themselves,” he adds.

Jonathan Zhang
Domain Name Stat, LLC
+1 800-207-0885
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Jordan Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Market Status, Trends, Segmentation and Analysis Report Forecast -2020


Wise.Guy. “Jordan – Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband – Statistics and Analyses” report has been added to its Research Database.

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, February 19, 2019 / — “Jordan – Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband – Statistics and Analyses” report has been added to its Research Database.

Scope of the Report:

Jordan – Telecoms

4G services in Jordan have driven recent growth 

Jordan is a unique market in many ways, due to the huge population growth in the last decade and the influx of refugees into the country. Jordan has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure and the industry is preparing itself for the next wave of developments relating to 5G and IoT/M2M. 

The development of a national broadband network based on fibre is well underway and Orange Jordan remains the largest fixed network operator in the kingdom. Zain Jordan is also investing in fibre-based network infrastructure. 

The mobile sector in Jordan is challenging for the three major operators as they all hold roughly the same market share and are highly competitive. Zain Jordan and Orange Jordan both launched 4G LTE services ahead of Umniah – which saw a decline in mobile subscribers in 2016 as a result. 

However, the launch of 4G LTE services in general, has led to a growth in data revenues for the mobile operators and expanding data offerings will be a key focus area moving forward. 

Jordan is host to a growing number of ICT companies and has emerged as a technology start up hub for the Middle East, made possible due to a focus on ICT education and a regulatory environment conducive to ICT investment. It has also made great progress in the digital financial services area with support from the Central Bank of Jordan. 

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While Jordan is demonstrating positive developments towards fixed and mobile broadband development, it has some challenges including the ongoing influx of refugees from Iraq and Syria which places strain on the countries’ economy, 

Recent developments:

Mobile broadband is a key growth area for Jordan, with 4G services driving growth in data. 

The fixed broadband network is growing with the national broadband network fibre-based deployment well underway. 

Jordan is host to a growing number of ICT companies and has emerged as a technology start up hub for the Middle East. 

Jordan is considered to have one of the most highly taxed telecoms sectors in the region. 

The Jordan TRC has developed an initial document outlining the need to regulate IoT developments in the kingdom.

Companies mentioned in this report include: 

Jordan Telecom Group/Orange, Zain Jordan, Batelco/Umniah, Virgin Mobile MEA.

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Major Key Points in Table of Content:

1. Executive summary 

2. Key statistics 

2.1 Country overview 

3. Telecommunications market 

3.1 Market overview 
    3.2 Market analysis 
    3.3 Key recent developments 

4. Regulatory environment 

4.1 Historic overview 
      4.1.1 Telecommunications Law 1995 
      4.1.2 Telecommunications Law 2002 
    4.2 Regulatory authority 
    4.3 Telecom sector liberalisation 
      4.3.1 WiMAX licences 
    4.4 Privatisation 
    4.5 Interconnect 
    4.6 Access 
    4.7 Carrier PreSelection (CPS) 
    4.8 Taxes 
    4.9 Mobile regulatory issues 
      4.9.1 Third GSM licence 
      4.9.2 3G licences 
      4.9.3 4G spectrum 
      4.9.4 SIM card registration 
      4.9.5 MTRs 

5. Fixed-network operators 

5.1 Orange Jordan 

6. Telecommunications infrastructure 

6.1 National telecom network 
      6.1.1 National Telecommunication Program 1995-1999 
    6.2 International infrastructure 
    6.3 Smart city 
      6.3.1 Smart grids 
    6.4 IoT/M2M 

7. Broadband access market 

7.1 Market analysis 
    7.2 Fixed broadband speeds and costs 
    7.3 Broadband and Internet statistics 
    7.4 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) and Fibre-To-The-Home (FttH) 
    7.5 Other fixed broadband services 
      7.5.1 Fixed wireless (WiFi and WiMAX) 

8. Digital media/Digital economy 

8.1 Videostreaming 
    8.2 E-payments/digital financial services 

9. Mobile communications 

9.1 Market analysis 
    9.2 Mobile statistics 
      9.2.1 General statistics 
      9.2.2 SMS and MMS – historical 
      9.2.3 OTT messaging services 
    9.3 Mobile broadband statistics 
    9.4 Mobile infrastructure 
      9.4.1 Digital networks 
    9.5 IoT and M2M networks 
    9.6 Major mobile operators 
      9.6.1 Zain Jordan 
      9.6.2 Orange Jordan 
      9.6.3 Umniah 
      9.6.4 MVNOs 
    9.7 Mobile handsets 


Norah Trent
WiseGuy Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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Blockchain Authenticated, Un-Blockable,,Unstoppable, Anonymous Messenger

Blockchain Public Key Exchange

Blockchain Authenticated

Self Destructing Messages

German Cyber Security company unveils an Un-Blockable, Decentralised Instant Messenger. Freedom Of Speech Protecteed.

The best way to protect personal information is to not collect it.”

— Vadim Andryan

DüSSELDORF, GERMANY, February 19, 2019 / — In a world of increasing surveillance, security threats, and personal data gathering, privacy is under threat. Crypviser Secure Messenger is built to allow everyone to benefit from the highest levels of security.

The world’s first decentralized, blockchain authenticated, anonymous and TRUE end to end encrypted messenger makes its debut with the commercial release of Crypviser Secure Messenger.

German Cyber Security Company Crypviser GmbH has leveled the playing field in the world of instant communications.
Crypviser GmbH has developed the worlds first Decentralized, Blockchain Authenticated, Anonymous Instant messenger.
By incorporating a blockchain for public key exchange they have eliminated the possibilities of Man in the Middle attacks.

Blockchain Authentication: The most crucial aspect of Crypvisers Secure Instant Messenger is the Blockchain Authentication Model. By setting up contacts via Blockchain, the transfer of Public Keys is authenticated by the nodes on the Blockchain. Therefore the keys cannot be altered, manipulated, or exchanged for anyone else's via man in the middle attack. The user is assured that the person they are communicating with, is truly that person, and no one else, TRUE End to End Encryption. Crypviser is the first to implement this procedure, a real life use of Blockchain Technology, put into the hands of everyone.

Being decentralized and running on an open source network run by users spread throughout the globe, they have the distinct advantages of being able to operate in countries which tend to block other messengers, such as Russia, Iran, China, India etc. This will ensure the voices of the people within said countries will still be able to reach the outside world against their Governments wishes.

Decentralization: Because Crypviser is a decentralized network, there is no single point of attack, no single server to hack, shut down or block. Crypviser runs on a network of Nodes, spread out across the globe if one is blocked the others take its place, ensuring the communications continue to get through.

Encryption: Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Stream Symmetric Cipher, SALSA 20/20, SHA3–512 Hash, are all reliable technologies which are under the hood of Crypvisers Secure Messenger. Combined with Blockchain Authentication, Crypviser has given everyone a level of Security that had never been available in a mobile messaging app.

Crypviser is an anonymous messenger. Since all verification is done over a blockchain there is no need for a mobile number, name, or e-mail address. This shields the identity of each and every user. Granted the company Crypviser knows who has downloaded their app by the information supplied by Apple or the Google Playstore, though once the app is downloaded the user creates his or her own distinct username. So where Crypviser knows the real names of it's customers, they can not pair the Username the customer selects, to the real name of the paying customer.

Crypviser strongly believes in Free Speech and Right to Privacy.

Mark Aaron Babbitt
Crypviser GmbH
+49 1517 5048745
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ConnectedYou customers are now able to use the Tata Communications MOVE™ platform to connect their IoT devices worldwide.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, February 19, 2019 / — ConnectedYou customers are now able to use the Tata Communications MOVE™ platform to connect their IoT devices worldwide

Denmark – 19th February 2019

ConnectedYou, the IoT service orchestrator, has joined forces with Tata Communications, the leading global digital infrastructure provider, to lower the barriers for enterprises to deploy and manage new IoT services. ConnectedYou customers will be able to use the Tata Communications MOVE™ platform to connect different IoT devices seamlessly, securely and cost-effectively.

Enterprises will be able to use the ConnectedYou orchestration service platform to utlise the global reach of Tata Communications MOVE™, which leverages Tata Communications’ relationships with around 600 mobile network operators worldwide to bring instant, reliable, global connectivity to any IoT device. Using Tata Communications MOVE™ also reduces the cost of roaming for ConnectedYou customers’ IoT devices.

Access to global connectivity via the Tata Communications MOVE™ platform is enabled using ConnectedYou eSIMs in both plugin and embedded formats, and it is managed through a single ConnectedYou web console and unified APIs.

“There couldn’t be a better way to start 2019. Our offering has really resonated with our customers to-date, and with Tata Communications onboard as our newest partner, we are able to offer cellular 2G to 4G connectivity for IoT devices worldwide. It is all about helping our customers introduce new innovative IoT-enabled services more quickly and easily,” said Parag Mittal, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder at ConnectedYou.

“We want to help enterprises make the most of the transformational potential of the IoT. Our partnership with ConnectedYou will enable their customers to tap into the global reach of the Tata Communications MOVE™ platform, and capture, move and manage information seamlessly and securely worldwide,” said Mark Weait, Head of Europe at Tata Communications.

The Tata Communications MOVE™ platform is underpinned by the company’s global network, which today connects 4 out of 5 mobile subscribers and carries around 30% of the world’s Internet routes.

Notes to editors
ConnectedYou eSIMs are fully managed by ConnectedYou as an independent provider and can be enabled with connectivity from any provider within the ecosystem.

About CY
ConnectedYou is an independent IoT Service company offering a unique and unified IoT service to enterprises globally through a single access platform integrated with multiple technology and service providers. ConnectedYou’s service is based on 4 pillar approach encompassing Devices, Connectivity, Cloud Services and Value added Services. ConnectedYou enables an ecosystem that allows enterprises to freely choose services and offers from suppliers, enabling the ability to remotely switch suppliers within the ConnectedYou ecosystem. ConnectedYou provides enterprises with a future proof orchestration for all their IoT needs keeping future innovation and improvements in mind.

About Tata Communications
Tata Communications is a leading global digital infrastructure provider that powers today’s fast growing digital economy. The company’s customers represent 300 of the Fortune 500 whose digital transformation journeys are enabled by its portfolio of integrated, globally managed services that deliver local customer experiences. Through its network, cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), collaboration and security services, Tata Communications carries around 30% of the world’s internet routes and connects businesses to 60% of the world’s cloud giants and 4 out of 5 mobile subscribers. The company’s capabilities are underpinned by its global network. It is the world’s largest wholly owned subsea fibre backbone and a Tier-1 IP network with connectivity to more than 240 countries and territories. Tata Communications Limited is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India and is present in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

TATA COMMUNICATIONS and TATA are trademarks of Tata Sons Limited in certain countries. Tata Communications MOVE is a trademark of Tata Communications in certain countries.

Parag Mittal
ConnectedYou Holding ApS
+45 20450072
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San Diego SEO Firm Announces Expansion Into PPC & Paid Advertising Services

San Diego PPC Services - SunCity Advising

Leading Digital Marketing Firm SunCity Advising Expands Digital Marketing Services.

we generally provide PPC services based upon the client's needs and our billing reflects their total budget and the management expectations agreed upon by ourselves and the client.”

— Ivan Reed

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2019 / — SunCity has announced an expansion in their digital marketing offerings for their clients to include extensive pay-per-click advertising capabilities. Having already performed paid advertising services for clients with an annual budget North of $3 million annually for over 3 years, this increase includes the hiring of PPC experts and additional 3rd party software investments to bring their services to the forefront of the industry.

The PPC results that SunCity Advising has been able to acquire over the last 36 months has been anchored by a growing team of copy, analytics, design, and video experts. These results have included more than 100% increases in lads, sales, and revenue for more than 10 individual clients.

The paid advertising services that SunCity Advising offers begin as low as $1,000 per month. CEO, Ivan Reed, says, "we generally provide PPC services based upon the client's needs and our billing reflects their total budget and the management expectations agreed upon by ourselves and the client. We do this since no client is the same and results mare usually specific to them."

About SunCity Advising Paid Digital Advertising Services

Paid digital advertising is a more short-term approach to driving users to your product/website than our standard SEO services. These are usually used for retail sales and obtaining new leads/followers. Testing is much more important because sometimes even very small changes to ads can result in significantly different outcomes.

High quality ads are mandatory since you are usually paying to get in front of people for the first time. And, in google AdWords, low quality ads actually have to pay more for each click. Facebook is a growing platform for ads and video is becoming most prominent.

About SunCity Advising

SunCity Advising was founded in 2011 in El Paso, TX. But, it wasn’t until 2014 when the decision was made to make the transition from a couple of guys who performed business consulting side-projects to a company that accepted full-time client contracts.

Our founders were both getting their MBA degrees at the University of San Diego when they decided to expand the firm and continue helping clients with their growth goals. This meant foregoing the management consulting interviews they had been preparing for over the previous 2 years.

It was a tough decision with only one client under contract for $500/mo. But, we have since grown to a portfolio that includes 20 companies across 4 continents — but most important to us, we have changed the lives of dozens of entrepreneurs and corporate executives!

Ivan Reed
SunCity Advising
+1 858-442-7446
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10th issue of Digital CMO Digest launched by Regalix

An analysis of best practices and insights in Partner Relationship Management

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 18, 2019 / — Regalix has launched the latest issue of Digital CMO Digest, a power-packed marketing publication focused on digital transformation in the fields of marketing, sales and customer success. Each iteration of Digital CMO Digest shares expertise and insights from senior executives and business leaders from multiple industries.

The 10th issue of this insightful publication explores the field of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) in detail. Heads of partner channels of leading global brands, including Google, Forrester, IBM, Trace 3 and many others, share their thoughts on how a competitive and crowded hi-tech marketplace has made it necessary to build an extended partner network. They also share their strategies on collaborating with partners having niche capabilities to help their businesses realize shared gain. Also, discover how PRM has evolved to include support for market development funds (MDFs), incentive program management, and channel-specific business intelligence and analytics.

About Digital CMO Digest

Digital CMO Digest is a Regalix publication that aims to support organizations across the globe to augment their marketing, customer satisfaction and retention initiatives. It does so by capturing the thoughts, perspectives and insights of market leaders and industry experts who are associated with digital transformation of marketing, sales and customer success. This information equips Digital CMO Digest readers with the know-how to tackle their business challenges better.

About Regalix

Regalix is a Customer Acquisition and Customer Success company that re-imagines digital experiences across hi-tech, ad-tech and retail domains. The company has partnered with some of the largest global B2B organizations in their efforts at customer acquisition, growth and retention. Regalix works with businesses, supporting their customers through the entire journey, to deliver reliable products and services in today’s subscription-based economy.

Regalix has a long history of creating award-winning ventures with enterprises through co-innovation and idea-driven frameworks that inspire companies to think differently. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley – Palo Alto, California – Regalix has offices in Europe and Asia.

Aishani Majumdar
+1 631-230-2629
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Automotive Telematics Market Status and Global Forecast, by Players, Types and Applications 2019-2024

Automotive Telematics -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Of Top Key Player Forecast To 2024

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, February 18, 2019 / — Automotive Telematics Industry


Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Automotive Telematics -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Of Top Key Player Forecast To 2024” To Its Research Database

The global Automotive Telematics market will reach xxx Million USD in 2018 and with a CAGR if xx% between 2019-2025. 

Company Coverage (Sales data, Main Products & Services etc.): 

Verizon Telematics 
Magneti Marelli 

Request for Sample Report @

Product Type Coverage (Market Size & Forecast, Major Company of Product Type etc.): 

Demand Coverage (Market Size & Forecast, Consumer Distribution): 
Satellite Navigation 
Vehicle Safety Communication 
Fleet Management 
Remote Diagnostics 
Vehicle Tracking 

Major Region Market 
North America 
South America 
Middle East & Africa

Leave a Query @

Table of Content 

1 Industry Overview 
1.1 Automotive Telematics Industry 
1.1.1 Overview 
1.1.2 Products of Major Companies 
1.2 Market Segment 
1.2.1 Industry Chain 
1.2.2 Consumer Distribution 
1.3 Price & Cost Overview 
2 Automotive Telematics Market by Type 
2.1 By Type 
2.1.1 Tethered 
2.1.2 Embedded 
2.1.3 Integrated 
2.2 Market Size by Type 
2.3 Market Forecast by Type 
3 Global Market Demand 
3.1 Segment Overview 
3.1.1 Satellite Navigation 
3.1.2 Vehicle Safety Communication 
3.1.3 Entertainment 
3.1.4 Fleet Management 
3.1.5 Remote Diagnostics 
3.1.6 Vehicle Tracking 
3.1.7 Others 
3.2 Market Size by Demand 
3.3 Market Forecast by Demand 
4 Major Region Market 
4.1 Global Market Overview 
4.1.1 Market Size & Growth 
4.1.2 Market Forecast 
4.2 Major Region 
4.2.1 Market Size & Growth 
4.2.2 Market Forecast 
5 Major Companies List 
5.1 Agero (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.2 Airbiquity (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.3 Continental (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.4 Verizon Telematics (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.5 Visteon (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.6 Bynx (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.7 Connexis (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.8 Ericsson (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.9 Fleetmatics (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.10 GM (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.11 Luxoft (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
5.12 Magneti Marelli (Company Profile, Sales Data etc.) 
6 ConclusionTable Global Automotive Telematics Market 2015-2018, by Type, in USD Million 
Table Global Automotive Telematics Market 2015-2018, by Type, in Volume 
Table Global Automotive Telematics Market Forecast 2019-2025, by Type, in USD Million 
Table Global Automotive Telematics Market Forecast 2019-2025, by Type, in Volume 
Table Agero Overview List 
Table Automotive Telematics Business Operation of Agero (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin) 
Table Airbiquity Overview List 
Table Automotive Telematics Business Operation of Airbiquity (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin) 
Table Continental Overview List 
Table Automotive Telematics Business Operation of Continental (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin) 
Table Verizon Telematics Overview List 
Table Automotive Telematics Business Operation of Verizon Telematics (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin) 
Table Visteon Overview List 
Table Automotive Telematics Business Operation of Visteon (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin) 
Table Bynx Overview List 
Table Automotive Telematics Business Operation of Bynx (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin) 
Table Connexis Overview List 
Table Automotive Telematics Business Operation of Connexis (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin) 
Table Ericsson Overview List 
Table Automotive Telematics Business Operation of Ericsson (Sales Revenue, Sales Volume, Price, Cost, Gross Margin) 

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Contact Us: Sales@Wiseguyreports.Com Ph: +1-646-845-9349 (Us)  Ph: +44 208 133 9349 (Uk)

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NoviFlow and netElastic Join Forces to Deliver a Quantum Leap in Virtual BNG Scalability and Performance

The alliance between netElastic and NoviFlow provides a compelling new disaggregated vBNG solution with unprecedented price performance and scalability.”

— Dominique Jodoin, president and CEO of NoviFlow

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, February 18, 2019 / — NoviWareTM SDN Forwarding Planes Combined with netElastic’s Virtual BNG offer Network Operators the Flexibility of a Virtualized BNG Solution that can Smoothly Scale up to Multi-Terabits

NoviFlow Inc., a leading vendor of high-performance SDN network operating software (NOS), cybersecurity middleware and programmable network solutions, and netElastic, a leading innovator of NFV software for carriers, today announced a joint solution to help carriers meet (and benefit) from exploding bandwidth demand and changing customer needs. The companies will provide a best-of-breed Virtual BNG (vBNG) solution that combines the fastest fully-programmable forwarding planes in the market with massively scalable vBNG software.

Rapidly increasing bandwidth demand and customer expectations for on-demand services are creating challenges for carriers as upgrading legacy network hardware is costly, complex, and inefficient. Built for yesterday’s less dynamic internet traffic, hardware-based BNGs lack the scalability, agility and performance needed to keep up with rapidly growing bandwidth requirements.

NoviFlow and netElastic solve this problem through a disaggregated vBNG solution that combines NoviFlow’s high-performance SDN switches and netElastics’s highly scalable NFV software.

“Our partnership with NoviFlow gives carriers the very best of SDN and NFV – greater scalability, performance, and flexibility, along with lower costs,” said Weixiao Liu, CEO of netElastic. “This joint solution enables carriers to realize the true benefits of SDN and NFV technologies while still leveraging existing investments. That’s what we’re hearing carriers ask for.”

Dominique Jodoin, president and CEO of NoviFlow, explained, “NoviFlow’s NoviWare forwarding planes and the netElastic Virtual BNG were made for each other. The alliance between netElastic and NoviFlow provides a compelling new disaggregated vBNG solution with unprecedented price performance and scalability, and extends the radical CAPEX and OPEX benefits of SDN-based programmable forwarding planes to the BNG segment.”

Solution Highlights:
● Performance and Scalability – vBNG can easily scale from 10 Gbps x86 hardware-only to 400 Gbps with NoviFlow SDN switches
● Seamless Growth – Single control plane can operate seamlessly across DPDK and SDN switches enabling service providers to scale services
● Compatibility – Fully compatible with existing installed switches and routers
● Cost – Disaggregated vBNG solution lowers TCO by 2x – 4x over hardware-based BNGs, and cost advantages are maintained as subscriber base grows
● Visibility and Control – Provides carriers with centralized software control for greater visibility to changing network and customer demands
● Subscriber Density – Supports up to 256,000 subscribers
● Automation – Full support of NETCONF & YANG for maximum programmability and easy integration with existing infrastructure
● Port Density – Up to 100 ports in a 2U format; Support for 10G, 40G, and 100G ports

The netElastic/NoviFlow joint vBNG solution will be presented at the NoviFlow booth (7M21) February 25 to March 1, 2019 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

NoviFlow Inc. provides open standard-based high-performance SDN networking solutions to network operators, data center operators, enterprises and government agencies seeking greater performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and security over their networks. NoviFlow has offices in Montreal, Sunnyvale and Seattle, and representatives in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. For more information, visit Follow NoviFlow on Twitter @NoviFlowInc.

netElastic is an innovative software company providing end-to-end solutions for network function virtualization and carrier infrastructure. Built on our extensive experience in software-defined networking and our proprietary data-plane technology, netElastic delivers carrier NFV solutions optimized for network scalability, performance, security, and efficiency. To learn more, visit

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Dan Jenkins awarded ‘Pride of Britain’ at SimCon2

Dan Jenkins was awarded ‘Pride of Britain’ at SimCon2 for conceiving and delivering the highly successful CommCon Conference.

I am extremely humbled that others recognise the effort that went into making the event the best of its kind. My thanks to Simwood for being a true supporter of Open Source Telephony.”

— Dan Jenkins, founder at Nimble Ape Ltd and creator of CommCon

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM, February 15, 2019 / — Dan Jenkins awarded ‘Pride of Britain’ at SimCon2

Dan Jenkins was appropriately awarded ‘Pride of Britain’ at SimCon2 for conceiving and delivering the highly successful CommCon Conference.

‘This he did from scratch, literally by himself, but with a quintessentially British flavour that created a very memorable experience, particularly for those from abroad – and made us all proud to be British!’ said Simon Woodhead, CEO of Simwood.

‘I am extremely humbled that others recognise the effort that went into making the event the best of its kind,’ commented Dan Jenkins, founder at Nimble Ape Ltd and creator of CommCon. ‘My thanks to Simwood for being a true supporter of Open Source Telephony. CommCon was extremely well received and it'll be back this year in July at the DeVere Latimer Estate near Chesham, Buckinghamshire.’

‘The SimCon Awards are uniquely designed to recognise the unsung heroes of the open source community and telecommunications industry. There are no prescribed categories and a fundamental rule and difference to other awards is that self-nominations are prohibited!’ explained Simon Woodhead.

SimCon2, a non-sales customer event covering a broad base of current industry key topics, was held in Simwood’s Head Office Conference suite in Bristol on the 7th and 8th February. The Simcon Awards were presented by Rachel Riley.

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About Simwood
Founded by Simon Woodhead in 1996, Simwood is a wholesale carrier specialising in uncompromisingly honest, dynamic and innovation-driven wholesale VoIP telephony.
With its own infrastructure and presences in multiple data centres across the UK, and an exciting expansion into the USA, Simwood has over 20 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge, innovative and secure solutions for VoIP telephony and beyond.
Simwood is recognised internationally for its innovation in the field of fraud prevention and has invested heavily in research, infrastructure and technical expertise to provide market-leading technologically advanced carrier service solutions.

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