thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Tasks Sixfold to Provide Real-Time Visibility of Time-Critical Transports

Industrialist aims to automate monitoring of time-critical outbound transports and better utilize resources in warehouses and group operational sites

With time-critical data on inbound logistics, we will further increase our productivity.Sixfold with its intuitive logistics delivery platform can provide us with such intelligence.”

— Jens Fiedler from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe's logistics department

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, November 19, 2019 / — Real-time logistics visibility leader Sixfold today announces that industrialist thyssenkrupp Steel Europe will adopt its live shipment sharing platform to better utilize resources in warehouses and operational sites. thyssenkrupp will then be able to track inbound transports to its European sites in real-time and improve significantly warehouse productivity.

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-grade flat steel. With around 27,000 employees, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe supplies high-quality steel products for innovative and demanding applications in a wide range of industries.

“With time-critical data on inbound logistics, we will further increase our productivity," says Jens Fiedler from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe's logistics department. "Sixfold with its intuitive logistics delivery platform can provide us with such intelligence.”

Sixfold’s CEO Wolfgang Wörner adds: ”Systematic reporting and benchmarking with the help of ETAs helps the world's biggest companies to better manage their carriers and consequently reduce freight costs by 1–3%. Moreover, visibility helps companies like thyssenkrupp to become more “interesting” customers for carriers, as it helps to reduce wait-times, dwell-times, check-calls, and penalties. Thus, it’s a win-win for shippers and carriers.”

As predictive shipments accelerate, the global value chain will become more complex, relying on advanced algorithms to make supply chains smarter and leaner. Sixfold is defining the new smart logistics era.

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is a joint customer of Sixfold and Transporeon, Europe’s largest logistics network and used by 1,200 shippers in the manufacturing and retailing industries. Sixfold is the exclusive real-time visibility provider to the network giving real-time visibility on 50,000 shipments each day.

“thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and Transporeon have enjoyed a successful relationship for many years and this has been enhanced by adding the Sixfold platform for real-time visibility of shipments into the equation,” adds Stephan Sieber, CEO of Transporeon. “Customer feedback confirms time and again that Sixfold is the true future of data distribution in the supply chain and we urge all users of the Transporeon network to get ahead and get their carriers onboard.”

About thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

thyssenkrupp Steel Europe is one of the world’s leading suppliers of carbon steel flat products. With around 27,000 employees, the company supplies high-quality steel products for innovative and demanding applications in a wide variety of industries. Customer-specific material solutions and services around steel complete the range of services. With a production volume of approximately 12 million tons of crude steel annually, thyssenkrupp Steel is the largest flat steel producer in Germany.

About Transporeon

Transporeon boosts logistics performance and profitability with every freight load. Founded in Germany in 2000, Transporeon connects a worldwide network of more than 1,200 industrial shippers and retailers with over 90,000 logistics service providers in 100+ countries in real time. Its security-certified platforms offer digital solutions for freight benchmarking and sourcing, freight assignment and shipment execution, time slot management, shipment tracking, and end-to-end supply chain visibility. By leveraging the latest capabilities, including artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, Transporeon solutions cut CO2 emissions, empty runs and truck waiting times while digitizing manual processes. Transporeon is located across Europe, Russia, Asia and the US. For more information, visit

About Sixfold

Sixfold is fast becoming Europe’s leading real-time logistics visibility platforms for the supply chain. Shippers and carriers seamlessly integrate their transport management systems with the Sixfold visibility platform to know where their shipments are and when they will arrive with minimal manual work from either of the parties. The platform aggregates data from all telematics systems into one data stream giving true end-to-end visibility of shipments. The Sixfold platform has powerful AI capabilities and singularly predicts delays and provides proactive alerts on any shipment delays. Up to Euros, 500 million of goods are monitored by Europe’s supply chains each day using the Sixfold platform enabling customers and shippers to gain business advantage and to better plan operations. Sixfold supports customers in more than 25 European languages and data distributed on its platform is totally secure and GDPR compliant. Visit

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Sureline Systems Adds Support For Industry Leading Microsoft Azure Government Cloud Platform

Sureline SUREedge Migrator Fully Integrated for Support and Ease-of-Use

Expanding our support for Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud platform is a prime example of our multi-cloud support for both public clouds and government specific clouds”

— Ravender Goyal, CEO, Sureline Systems, Inc.

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2019 / — An innovative leader in enterprise-class cloud migration and disaster recovery solutions, Sureline Systems, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its support to include Microsoft's Azure Government Cloud Platform initiatives, often referred to as GovCloud. Sureline’s patented and award-winning SUREedge® Migrator solution is an enterprise-class offering providing an agentless architecture for ease-of-installation and minimal impact on production servers, and a plan-driven UI that allows tens, hundreds or thousands of servers to be migrated in an automated process.

“Expanding our support for Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud platform is a prime example of our multi-cloud support for both public clouds and government specific clouds,” said Ravender Goyal, CEO, Sureline Systems, Inc. “This move further expands our partnership with government-focused partners and opens diverse markets for our award-winning solutions providing their customers with one of the most robust solutions available to address their migration initiatives.”

The industry leading Microsoft Azure Government platform delivers a cloud platform built upon the foundational principles of security, privacy and control, compliance, and transparency. Public sector entities receive a physically isolated instance of Mircrosoft Azure the employs world-class security and compliance services critical to U.S. government for all systems and applications built on its architecture. Microsoft’s Azure Government delivers unparalleled flexibility and breakthrough innovation for U.S. government agencies and their partners. With this solution, agencies and partners receive world-class security, protection and compliance with the ability to modernize their legacy infratructures into a flexible, hybrid environment delivering gross efficienc3es and cost-savings across all departments.

SUREedge Migrator supports and is fully integrated with the Microsoft Azure Government cloud platform. During migration, SUREedge injects the necessary drivers and performs other transformations to ensure bootability of the migrated servers when migrating from one hypervisor/cloud environment to a different one. SUREedge Migrator allows organizations to migrate complete workloads to new infrastructure inside a data center, from data center to data center, to public clouds, between clouds, or from a cloud back to on-premises.The SUREedge® platform delivers minimal and automated transformations so that the migrated VMs are automatically ready to run on the target platform. The software is easy-to-deploy, highly scalable, and hardware and hypervisor agnostic.

About Sureline Systems
Sureline enables business agility and productivity, and with cloud migration and disaster recovery of any virtual, physical, or containerized application or server at the push of a button. Sureline's patented, award winning SUREedge® enterprise-class software solutions deliver application mobility that is secure, reliable and efficient and is key to enabling transitions to the cloud, new infrastructures and a myriad of other transformative architectures. Sureline partners with industry leaders including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Nutanix, and Oracle. Sureline is headquartered in San Jose, CA., and its products and services are available through a global network of VARs and technology service providers.

Douglas W. Gruehl
Sureline Systems Inc
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Container Security Market 2019 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends & Forecast To 2025

Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “Container Security– Global Market Share, Industry Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Strategies And Forecast To 2025”

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, November 19, 2019 / — Container Security Market 2019-2025

Report Overview:

A study on the global Container Security market reveals a detailed report about the progress, current state, and future forecast of the market. The objective of the market study is to define, segment, describe, and forecast the market as per various pre-defined categories. The report offers an overview of the competitive landscape of the Container Security market and profiles an extensive list of companies operating in the industry. The players are analyzed, shortlisted, and narrowed down in terms of their financial stability, revenue generation, product portfolio, and the various strategies employed to maintain or attain market growth.

Top Key Players:

The global Container Security market includes various leading players who are making consistent efforts to stand atop the market standings and lead the competitive rankings.

Aqua Security
Alert Logic
Trend Micro
Red Hat
Black Duck

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Market Dynamics:

The report even analyzes the core competencies of the profiled players and the percentage of share they are contributing to the overall market. This is done so as to gain an idea about the state of competition in the market. The report comprises study of the various competitive developments being made in the market like partnerships, collaborations and acquisitions, research and development activities, investments, product introductions, and so on. For the report to offer a comprehensive and acute data about the current and potential state of the market, a forecast period was ascertained. This was done by considering 2019 as the base year of the forecast period and 2025 as the end year. The primary goal of the report is to aid the stakeholders with insightful answers about the market for them to make precise and comparatively accurate investment decisions in the coming years.

Market Segmentation:

The segmentation of the global Container Security market is a key aspect of the study. The report effectively distributes the market as per different categories and segments and assesses the probable growth of each of the segments over the defined forecast period.

Regional Description:

A big part of the market segmentation includes the regional segmentation. The global Container Security market was geographically distributed across some of the leading regions around the world. The market was thoroughly analyzed and the potential growth was determined across each of these regions to enable a precise geographic understanding of the industry.

Research Methodology:

The methodology applied for the research of the global Container Security market comprised data capturing of the revenue that is being generated by the players operating in the market through a number of secondary sources.


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Mobile Backend As A Service (BaaS) Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast To 2025

This report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies

PUNE, INDIA, November 19, 2019 / — Market Overview

In the mobile backend as a service (BaaS) market, BaaS delivers hosted cloud computing architecture for advanced mobile applications, providing software developers with the capability to connect their app's cloud storage and application program interfaces. Companies striving to employ off-premise servers can easily connect their application’s backend resources to a Mobile backend as a service (BaaS) product. This advanced service reduces a software developer's requirement to design complex backend infrastructure. Mobile backend as a service (BaaS) is incredibly scalable, as organizations are not required to modify their hosting potentials as expansion occurs.

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The market report provides an extensive overview of the global Mobile backend as a service (BaaS) market and predicts the future of the market for the forecast year 2025. These serviced have immense potential to attract a large number of end-user IT organizations. The market report covers market dynamics, including market drivers, growth restraints, and challenges. The report highlights some potential market driving aspects, including improved efficiency of MBaaS services and increased demand for advanced database architecture & efficient data processing capabilities. Rising inclination towards cloud technology and cloud-based services is expected to drive the service demand during the forecast period.

The global Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) market is extremely agile and dynamic and includes several emerging and well-established market players. The competitive nature of the market compels the market players to adopt conduct R&D and product innovation practices to sustain in the market. The market report provides detailed insight into the competitive landscape of Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) market and includes data on business outlook, revenue, and market share of the market participants. The report further highlights several potential opportunities and challenges that the market players may encounter during the forecast period.

The key manufacturers covered in this report:

Oracle Corporation
IBM Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
KII Corporation

Market Segmentation

To analyse the growth of the Global Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) market, the market researchers have considered some critical segments, including product types, application areas, and regional markets. Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Operating System are some primary product types mentioned in the Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) market report. The primary application areas covered in the Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) market report include-

Data and application integration
Identity and access management Usage analytics
Support and Maintenance Service

The report on global Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) market includes data on present market trends and future growth prospects. Also, the report includes a comprehensive data about revenue, market share, and growth rate of each market segment.

Regional Overview

The report covers details on the regional outlook of global Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) Market. Several regional and international markets have been analysed by market analysts and the details are mentioned in the Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) market report. The regional analysis of global Mobile Backend as a service market (Base) has been conducted based on several crucial factors. These factors include regional product demand, regional market drivers and restraints, and regional market revenue, shares, and growth rate. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and the Middle East and Africa are the main regional markets discussed in Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) Market report and are expected to drive the market growth.

Industry News

Once just a common open-source Java library, Amazon Web Services' Amplify has now been expanded as a full-fledged AWS mobile application development platform. Mobile application development projects encounter several potential complexities and challenges. To deal with such complications, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has widened its support, capabilities, and offerings in the mobile-backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) area by performing modifications into its popular Amplify platform.


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Cloud Data Security Software Market 2019 – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2025

This report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies

PUNE, INDIA, November 19, 2019 / — The term, cloud data security software, refers to a set of technologies and policies, which are generally applied to protect virtualized IP, applications as well as data. In simple words, the cloud data security software, or cloud software, is a type of application, which has the capability of providing optimum protection to any kind of cloud-based services or computing architectures. As a sub-domain of computer and network security, the cloud software is widely considered to be the standalone solution to any kind of security problems regarding the database.

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The cloud data security software applications are known to be very flexible. Thus, along with small ones, it can also help to protect large and highly-volatile commercial databases. Also, as the precise location of the data, which is stored in the cloud, is unknown to almost everyone, it becomes almost impossible to manipulate it. Thus, it can be said that other than offering protection from cloud-related cyber attacks, this software can also aid in maintaining the authenticity as well as the integrity of the data.

The ever-increasing occurrence of cyber crimes is one of the prime factors that can help to drive the growth of the cloud data security software market. Another issue, which can positively aid the market with growing, is the flexible nature of the application. The cloud software is also known to be very cost-efficient and easy to operate, which are some other factors that can have a positive effect on the development of the cloud data security software market.

The key manufacturers covered in this report:

King & Spalding
Jones Day
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius
Covington & Burling
Blake, Cassels & Graydon
Hogan Lovells International
Faegre Baker Daniels
Holland & Knight
Hahn Loeser & Parks
Kirkland & Ellis
McDermott Will & Emery
Latham & Watkins
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
K&L Gates

Market Segmentation

When talking from a general point of view, the cloud data security software market can be categorized into three sections, product type, application, and region. Regarding its product type, the market can further be segmented into two parts, which are On-premise and Cloud-based. Among these two, the segment of the cloud-based software is currently ruling the market and is expected to do the same during the upcoming years. In terms of application, the cloud data security software market can be classified into individual, enterprise, and others. Out of these three, the enterprise segment is expected to develop at a much faster rate than the other two.

Regionally, the cloud security software market is generally divided into five sections, which are North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. Among these regions, North America is currently sitting at the leading position owing to the availability of the key manufacturers of this market. Asia-Pacific is estimated to experience the highest growth rate due to the sudden emergence of digitization and the excessive amount of adoption of the cloud data security software. Ineffective cyber laws and regulations are yet another factor that can help to boost the security software market in this region.

Due to technological advancements, the number of fatal cyber attacks is increasing day by day. Thus, the key players in this market are using the latest elements to boost their security system even more. Among the newest innovations, the multi-cloud feature is considered to be one of the most notable ones, which is currently being used in the healthcare industry.

Regional Overview

Our market report will survey the geographical areas of Asia Pacific, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. It will inform you about the region where the cloud data security software market performs the best. We will discuss the causative factors behind this. We will also estimate the area which, according to out study, will witness the fastest CAGR growth during the discussed period. We will try to approximate the CAGR as well. All the factors which may have a role to play in causing this region to have an emerging cloud data security software market will also be discussed.

Industry innovations and acquisitions

In this section, we will be talking about any and all significant latest industry innovations in the cloud data security software market space. We will also be notifying of any company mergers or acquisitions that may have transpired between key industry players functioning in this market space.

Our attempt via this cloud data security software market growth report is to inform readers of all the highs and lows of the cloud data security software market and the potential for growth that it has between the years of 2019-2025.


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Surveillance Tower Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends & Forecast 2019 – 2025

Latest Research: 2019 Global Surveillance Tower Market Report

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, November 19, 2019 / — Global Surveillance Tower Industry

Overview Paragraph

The report that has been published regarding the Global Surveillance Tower Market is a comprehensive analysis of the various factors that can play a role in the market. New and improving market trends that are currently popular as well as developing trends are identified and are analyzed to find the effect that they can have on the global market. The various market segments that the Global Surveillance Tower Market has been divided into along with the market share for these different segments are presented during the base period from the year 2019 to the year 2025. A comprehensive analysis of the collected data is used to identify future trends and to predict the market share of the Global Surveillance Tower Market from the year 2019 to the year 2025.

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Drivers and Constraints

Several market factors can play a major role in defining the direction that the market can grow in. Industry trends that are currently popular in the Surveillance Tower Market and the impact that they have had on the growth of the industry have been identified and are presented in the report. The different factors that are analyzed can include developments in technology or new product designs that can revolutionize the market. The different factors that reduce the market share currently occupied by the Global Surveillance Tower Market are also identified and are mentioned in the report. The impact that various factors have had on the Global Surveillance Tower Market during the base period from the year 2019 to the year 2025 has been presented in detail in the report.

Segmental Analysis

The Global Surveillance Tower Market is divided into several smaller market segments to better categorize the global market. The market segments that are based on the different regions mentioned include Asia-Pacific, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. The market share for the regions mentioned above is presented in the report from the year 2019 to the year 2025 that comprises the base period. The data is collected for the different regions that are mentioned in the report. This data is then used to predict the growth of the market from the year 2019 to the year 2025.

The following manufacturers are covered:
American Tower
SBA Communications
United States Cellular Co.
Vertical Bridge
Insite Towers
Rohn Products LLC
WADE Antenna
SAE Towers
Kemrock Industries And Exports Limited
China State Gride
BS Group
Skipper Limited
Alstom T&D India Limited
Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
V K Industry
It Telecom Tower

Key Players

The Global Surveillance Tower Market has been comprehensively analyzed and the different companies that occupy a large percentage of the market share in the regions mentioned have been listed out in the report. Industry trends that are popular and are causing a resurgence in the market growth are identified and are listed out in the report. The business data for the different companies mentioned are also included in the report.

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Enterprise of the Year Announced at SD-WAN Summit

Hadwin Liu, CTO of NEXSEC, at SD-WAN Summit, Beijing

Hadwin Liu, CTO of NEXSEC, Presents 5G + Wi-Fi 6 uCPE

We are proud to be one of the significant contributors to the transformation of IT infrastructure. ”

— Hadwin Liu, CTO of NEXSEC

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2019 / — NEXSEC, a wholly owned network security system subsidiary of NEXCOM International, today announced that it has been selected as “the Excellent Enterprise of the Year” at SD-WAN Summit held on November 16 in Beijing, China.

“This is the first time NEXSEC has received this award, and we are proud to be one of the significant contributors to the transformation of IT infrastructure happening right here, right now in China,” said Hadwin Liu, CTO of NEXSEC. “This is the highest honor, to be a winner among the top players in the industry, such as China Telecom, Huawei, H3C, & Fortinet.”

Over the years, NEXSEC and NEXCOM International have been dedicated to technological innovation of the network communication sector, offering quality design and manufacturing services, including hardware system design, product engineering, manufacturing, software installation, and global logistics for SD-WAN and NFVI solutions. For more details on the products and services, visit

About NEXCOM: NEXCOM was founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with offices throughout the globe, including Fremont, CA, USA. Integrating diverse capabilities, NEXCOM operates six global businesses, including the Network and Communication Solutions (NCS) unit, which focuses on high performance computing and network technology and is committed to helping customers build network infrastructure. NCS’ network application platform is widely adopted in CDN, UTM, Cyber Security Appliance, Load Balancer, Router, SD-WAN, and other network applications.

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CEO of IDEIA Big Data, Maurício Moura, is among the 100 most influential in 2019

CEO of IDEIA Big Data, Maurício Moura, is among the 100 most influential in 2019

CEO of IDEIA Big Data, Maurício Moura, is among the 100 most influential in 2019

The CEO of IDEIA Big Data, Maurício Moura, was chosen by the Washignton Compol magazine to join the select list of the top 100 policy professionals in 2019

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, November 18, 2019 / — The CEO of IDEIA Big Data, Maurício Moura, was chosen by the Washignton Compol magazine to join the select list of the top 100 policy professionals in 2019. This is the second time that Maurício receive the honors, which selected innovative leaders who have achieved merits and unforgettable legacies. "His big data skills have made him a pioneer in predicting Jair Bolsonaro's victory for the presidency of Brazil and also earned him the Political Innovator and Research Company of the Year recognitions”, highlights the award's description.

According to Maurício, this indication is an incentive to continue with the work that he has been doing for more than 10 years in the area. "I was surprised because it was the second consecutive nomination. There are many professionals that I admire a lot and inspires me strongly. I'm also glad that IDEIA Big Data's work has, one more time, international impact. This motivates us even more to continue working and innovating in analyzes and technologies".

The History of IDEIA Big Data

Founded in 2011 by the economist and PhD in Economics and Public Sector Policy, Maurício Moura, the IDEIA group was created with the purpose of providing competitive intelligence for corporates, public sector, associations and public opinion campaigns.
The company’s goal is to help clients solve problems, make strategic decisions and communicate with their stakeholders directly and with high efficiency. For this, IDEIA use its own unique methodology to collect data and information that give its professionals all the basement necessary for a complete analysis of any situation.

IDEIA Big Data innovates based on the integration of different sources of information: telephone researches, face-to-face and social medias monitoring.

All this combination of technologies and methodologies takes place under the supervision and advice of its leaders, professionals highly recognized for their abilities of diagnosis, innovation and promotion of knowledge. The combination of traditional and modern techniques with the expertise of its team has already earned IDEIA Big Data countless national and international awards. It is a recognition of the performance of IDEIA Big Data in several projects around the world.

IDEIA Big Data works with traditional and modern research techniques, as well as its own methodologies. And it is the combination of these diverse methodologies and sources of information, combined with the use of data intelligence in the pre-research phase that guarantees a complete view of the study, delivering results with a greater degree of reliability, accuracy and optimization of resources.

Both qualitative and quantitative researches are done with stratification and probabilistic, non-probabilistic or directed sampling definition. The qualitative technique stimulates the participants to think and speak spontaneously about a specific theme, while the quantitative compiles conscious opinions provided by respondents through survey forms, which results provide base to project them into the represented population. Both can be implemented in person, by phone or over the Internet and carried out in all the countries that we operate.

With the expertise and practical experience of the most respected specialists in the field, IDEIA Big Data performs all the steps to measure the impact of social actions and public policies. To get a true picture of the results achieved, relating cause and effect, IDEIA Big Data conducts quantitative research to test hypotheses and qualitative for insights. With the expertise of the most respected experts in the field, our team idealizes all stages of the process, from the formulation to the complete execution of the evaluation of the impact of social actions and public policies.

With the combination of a lot of technical knowledge and years of hands-on experience, we have both developed a unique methodology and training to work with segmented public communication focused on the digital environment. The model consists of the application of four steps, thus organized: Strategy Planning for social engagement, Scalable Strategy for lead generation, Database management, Clusterization and gamification, Activation and relationship and Quantitative and qualitative monitoring.

IDEIA Big Data values the individual data privacy, so works with the utmost confidentiality, following the best practices and codes of ethics and strictly following all GDPR (Europe) guidelines and the General Data Protection Law in Brazil.

With a 360º view of the situation and a highly qualified team, IDEIA Big Data performs diagnostics and proposes solutions and recommendations that lead to better decisions and strategic positioning directions anywhere in the world.

IDEIA Big Data is a Brazilian company with global operations, with several cases in countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Uruguay and Venezuela. Several of these papers have earned international recognition.

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Big Data e o Mercado de Trabalho, com Maurício Moura | Casa Firjan

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Smart car technology has become a deal breaker for US auto “intenders”

Source: GfK

Loyal auto buyers would consider abandoning preferred brands to get most-wanted devices, services – GfK

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2019 / — Smart technology is breaking up long-established relationships – between car buyers and the auto brands they have been loyal to for years.

As the industry gathers for the LA Auto Show this week, a new Auto Tech Insights study from GfK is shedding light on the complex connections between consumers, cars, and digital tech. In the new research, eight in 10 (79%) US auto intenders – those who plan to buy or lease a new vehicle – say they would “probably” or “definitely” consider abandoning a favorite vehicle or auto maker to get the latest smart technologies.

This attitude is strongest among young intenders, with close to 4 in 10 (39%) in Gen Y (ages 23 to 41) saying they would definitely consider a brand switch, compared to just 15% of Baby Boomers (ages 54 and above). (See Table 1.)

Gen Z (ages 18 to 22) are even more likely to consider giving up an established brand preference to get new technology. This is important, since this younger group is still relatively new to vehicle ownership – so their loyalty is not as entrenched as their older counterparts.

Men are also more certain than women that they might ditch a favorite auto brand for new digital devices and services. Three in ten (31%) male intenders said they would definitely consider such a switch, compared to 22% of female intenders. But women were more likely to say they would probably think about changing brands (59% versus 47%).

In addition, four in ten (44%) of intenders reported that smart auto technology has already influenced one of their car purchase decisions. Again, younger intenders – from Generations Y and Z – were much more likely to say this; levels for Gen X and Boomers were 20 to 25 points lower.

When asked which technology had occasioned a change in purchase decision, these intenders cited active safety technology most often (43%), followed – at some distance – by connected vehicle and infotainment systems (both 21%).

Looking ahead to their next vehicles, intenders cited the same technologies as “must-haves” – active safety technology (33%), connected vehicle (24%), and infotainment systems (19%). Autonomous driving and electric vehicles are slowly winning acceptance, with one in six intenders seeing them as essential today. GfK also found that those who plan to buy luxury vehicles have much stronger interest in these emerging capabilities.

The Auto Tech study provides forward-looking insights on vehicle intentions, specifically focusing on advanced tech adoption and interest. GfK interviewed 3,480 auto intenders in August and September 2019. This module is part of the larger AutoMobilityTM syndicated tracking program, which interviews upwards of 275,000 new vehicle intenders a year.

About GfK

GfK is focused, digital and a client-centric business. The company connects data and science and is in the unique position to leverage proprietary and third-party data to create indispensable predictive market and consumer insights as well as recommendations. Innovative analytics solutions provide answers for key business questions around consumers, markets, brands and media. As an analytics partner, GfK promises its clients all over the world “Growth from Knowledge.”

For more information, please visit or follow GfK on Twitter:

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Cato Networks Launches Global Partner Program with Accelerated ROI

Cato Cloud PoP Map

Cato Cloud 50+ Points of Presence (PoPs) Worldwide

Partner Certificate Image

Cato training and certification are free, and available online and on-demand.

Partner Portal Screenshot

Cato’s new partner portal is the single interface used for training, certifications, deal-registration, lead-generation activities, and much more.

First partner program to leverage secure access service edge (SASE) platform for instant portfolio expansion. Delivers positive ROI on first deal.

We’ve analyzed what works with partner programs – and what doesn’t. It’s because of their efforts and our unique platform that we’ve seen an 80% win ratio post PoC.”

—  Alon Alter, Chief Revenue Officer at Cato Networks

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, November 18, 2019 / —  Cato Networks, provider of the world’s first SASE platform, announced today the Cato Partner Program, the first channel program with Accelerated Return on Investment (ROI). Recognizing the frustrations with traditional channel programs, the Cato Partner Program has been designed from the ground up to improve the channel experience with easy onboarding, strong margin opportunities, and expanded revenue streams from Cato’s unique secure access service edge (SASE) platform. (To learn more about SASE, join this webinar with Gartner analyst Neil MacDonald and Cato CMO Yishay Yovel.)

“Since its inception Cato has focused on making networking simpler. But simplicity isn’t just about our service; it’s also about how we partner,” says Shlomo Kramer, CEO and co-founder of Cato Networks. “We enable partners to profit from digital transformation no matter the opportunity whether its SD-WAN as an MPLS replacement, secure branch Internet access, optimized global connectivity, facilitating cloud adoption, or mobile access.”

“Working with Cato allows our clients to gain technical, operational and financial efficiencies,” says Eric Ludwig, specialist with the aggregation, infrastructure and managed services team at CDW Corporation, a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider. “Our clients can now leverage existing contracts with WAN suppliers while building a strategic roadmap to consolidation.”


Unlike traditional channel programs, Cato has structured its business model so partners can maximize profitability and shorten their sales cycles. Cato’s list price is competitive and built to win deals without extensive discounts, making profitability more predictable. No longer do vendors have to approve discounts on every deal, enabling partners to progress deals independently. All of which is guaranteed through easy deal registration and proper deal protection.

“With Cato we’ve been able to benefit from the disruptive cloud business,” says Yoji Ota, Manager at Macnica Networks Corporation, a global technology value-added distributor. “Offering a subscription service has made forecasting much, much easier. We’ve been able to accumulate reoccurring sales revenue that will lead to stable profits for years to come.”

The program is also simple to understand, consisting of only two partner tiers. For either tier, adopting Cato requires no capital investment. Training and certification are free, and available online and on-demand. For qualified partners, Cato offers free demo licenses, free equipment, and marketing development funds (MDF) to support partners’ lead-generation efforts.

“We’ve analyzed what works with partner programs – and what doesn’t,” says Alon Alter, Chief Revenue Officer at Cato Networks. “We believe in supporting our partners but at the same time giving them maximum independence. It’s because of their efforts and our unique platform that we’ve seen an 80% win ratio post proof of concept (PoC).”


With Cato’s world-first SASE platform, partners can instantly profit from the disruption of the $60 billion managed network service market. First defined in Gartner's Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking, 2019, SASE converges many disparate network and network-security capabilities including SD-WAN, SWG, CASB, SDP/ZTNA, DNS protection, and FWaaS onto a global, cloud-native architecture.

Partnering with Cato equips partners with a broad portfolio of revenue-generating networking and security services. There’s none of the complexity and overhead of learning, integrating, and managing multiple networking and security point-solutions.

“Reselling Cato allows us to strengthen our relationship with our customers,” says Bill Hooper, Chief Operating Officer at Realcom Solutions, a provider of network consulting and management services. “As they go through their digital transformation, we’re able to provide more and more solutions to meet their evolving needs.”

“Partnering with Cato opened new options for us to grow our business. It has allowed us to take a differentiated proposition to the channel. With digital transformation the new security and networking needs are perfectly addressed by the SASE approach,” says Sean Remnant, chief security officer at Ignition Technology, a next generation value-added distributor.


As part of the partner program, Cato has redesigned the Cato Partner Portal. The portal brings a partner from “registration to graduation.” Onboarding is structured and simple. Training sessions are recorded by Cato experts specifically targeting channel enablement. Deal registration and pipeline management are done directly from the portal.

“The process of onboarding to become a Cato certified partner was rapid and a natural fit,” says Tim Sullivan, CEO of Coevolve, a leading global provider of integrated SD-WAN solutions and cloud networking services. “The market for integrated network and security capabilities has evolved rapidly for multinational enterprise. Being able to easily connect all of their locations and roaming users to applications bypassing Internet congestion is a real game changer.”

“This new portal definitely delivers on all elements we need for smooth partner enablement, marketing support, and deal management,” says Adam Davison, sales and marketing director at Cloud Distribution, a next generation value-added distributor.

“The sales training is well structured and give a whole picture of how Cato network works and how it can help customers,” says Riccardo Roasio, Solution Engineers Manager, at CriticalCase, a high-availability cloud service provider.

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