Reinventing Lead Generation for New Consumer Behaviors with Michael Ferree, in latest First Contact Podcast Episode

What a wild ride it's been for our show this year! NobelBiz is launching episode 10 of First Contact Podcast: Stories of the Call Center.

Lead generation is a mindset where, you are working either with third-party vendors or partnerships on driving traffic or calls for that matter, on a per performance basis.”

— Michael Ferree

WYOMING, CHEYENNE, USA, November 19, 2021 / — For our last episode of Season 2, Michael Ferree joined our host Christian Montes, for a meaningful and informative conversation on performance marketing, lead generation, growing an event company through a pandemic, the overlaps of lead generation, and contact center strategies and so much more!

What makes the difference between irresponsible spending on massive budgets and the wise investment of a reasonable marketing budget? The simple answer is: lead generation.

Michael is the Founder & CEO of Lead Generation World and, a performance marketing industry leader, podcaster, and event manager. Michael Ferree has spent over a decade in the performance marketing industry as both a buyer and a generator of Internet leads.

He is an industry connoisseur, leading two major events in the contact center space – Lead Generation World and Beyond this, his expertise and connections in the lead gen space make him THE person to talk to regarding this much-debated and controversial topic.

So let's hear what he has to say – this is First Contact, Stories of the Call Center, episode 10 of Season 2 with Michael Ferree, where you will learn about:

What Is Lead Generation & What Is Its Purpose
How to be Successful at Generating Leads
How to Get People to Answer Your Call
Becoming an Event Manager 2 Months Before a Pandemic
Putting the Focus on Event Exhibitor
How to Get People to Come to an Event

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Performance based marketing approach versus an agency style, growth marketing and building new customers – what is lead gen, afterall?

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