Projector1 Online Projector Calculator: Making Projector Setup Easier

NEW YORK, US, November 15, 2021 / — Home projectors are more and more popular recently. However, it is hard for some projector beginners to set up their projector. Projector1 has released a useful and free online projector calculator to solve the problem.

Most projector beginners may come across the following three major problems after purchasing a projector.

Where the projector should be placed? What’s the proper screen size of the projector? What’s the best viewing distance of the projector?

To solve the three main problems, projector1 release the online projector calculator featuring three main functions to solve the three problems above.

Solution1: Calculating Throw Distance

If projector users want a bigger screen size, they can use this projector to calculate throw distance.

Users just need to select the throw ratio and input the desired screen size, the throw distance will be given quickly.

By means of the calculator, projector beginners can easily get throw distances of projectors with different throw ratios and from different brands.

Solution2: Calculating Screen Size

If the throw distance is fixed or known, users can calculate the screen size they can get.

By selecting the throw ratio of their projector and inputting the throw distance, the screen size will be given instantly.

Solution3: Calculating Best Viewing Distance

A proper position can get a better viewing experience. Therefore, the best viewing distance is necessary.

Just selecting throw ratio and filling in any one blank (screen size or throw distance), the viewing distance will be given quickly after clicking the calculate button.

The projector calculator from projector1 can help users to use the projector conveniently, making the projector setup easier.

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Source: EIN Presswire