HyperNym Extends Strategic Partnership With Vodafone Qatar for Delivering IoT Products

Strategic Partnership between HyperNym & Vodafone Qatar

Strategic Partnership between HyperNym & Vodafone Qatar

We are striving hard to make HyperNet IoT platform a leading global provider of connected vehicle technology, delivering mission-critical fleet, asset management, and surveillance solutions.”

— Hasham Zafar, CEO HyperNym FZ LLC

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN, November 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Furthering its dedication to being a top IoT solution provider, HyperNym LLC is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Vodafone Qatar, the leading telecommunications provider in Qatar.

Having successfully delivered Fleet and Asset Management solutions, HyperNym is set to deliver new technology developments and go-to-market initiatives that accelerate Vodafone Qatar’s mission to bring business and people together for better connectivity.

As part of the partnership, HyperNym will deliver a series of different IoT solutions, under the umbrella of the HyperNet IoT Platform. HyperNet is a high-productivity SaaS for scaling AI and IoT across enterprises that are fully integrated to operate on Microsoft Azure. HyperNet will leverage Microsoft Azure as a preferred cloud platform and tap into the power of its intelligent capabilities. In the next leg, Vodafone Qatar will receive other scalable systems which include smart building, smart surveillance, and smart parking solutions.

Starting on the road towards digital transformation, Vodafone Qatar realized it needed a modern fleet management solution that would be easily accessible, cloud-based, and customizable to its specific needs. It needed digital transformation initiatives to keep up with its vision. However, most initiatives are still implemented in a silo manner with a lack of integration across different business units. This often leads to missed opportunities to achieve greater outcomes.

“HyperNym has an exciting vision, proven technology, and demonstrated customer success across industries, making them a great partner for implementing digital transformation initiatives,” said Vodafone Representative “With tangible business results from the Fleet tracking and asset management applications, we plan on scaling other Microsoft Azure solutions across our enterprise. By leveraging data and artificial intelligence, we aim to transform our products and better serve our customers.”

The partnership is in sync with Vodafone Qatar’s vision to enhance connectivity and promote high data transfer across different devices. Leading the race of 5G in Qatar, Vodafone Qatar is all to facilitate businesses to grow beyond the limits. In the coming years, the strategic collaboration will positively influence Qatar's IoT environment, allowing it to better connect with customers and address market challenges.

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Source: EIN Presswire