TryMyUI Launches Moderated Test Feature to Give Brands Access to Live User Research Studies

The interactive platform allows brands to conduct live user research studies on demand

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2021 / — TryMyUI has announced the launch of its new moderated user testing platform, that offers brands the opportunity to conduct live user research studies on their website or app’s usability.

The moderated testing environment delivers an easy, affordable, and time-saving way for website or app owners to collect feedback directly from their target audiences by watching along with users as they perform different tasks, and asking them timely questions about their thoughts and opinions. Armed with the knowledge gained from TryMyUI, brands can improve website and app experiences, boosting leads, sales, and positive reviews.

For any brand with a digital presence, usability is a critical component to success. Attractive, easy-to-navigate sites and apps encourage users to stay longer, and lead to greater brand engagement and higher conversions. While TryMyUI has offered unmoderated testing services for over a decade, the new moderated option will allow clients a higher degree of control over the test sessions, and allow them to react in the moment with relevant questions and new instructions.

To set up a moderated session, the client provides a scenario they want to test on their site. They set tester parameters, indicating the target audience demographic, and schedule their availability, up to just 24 hours in advance. TryMyUI then takes over all the recruiting, identifying testers who meet the specified criteria and inviting them to participate in the test. At the scheduled time, eligible testers are made available on-demand to join live test calls with the client, where they perform the test scenario and share their thoughts as they go. After the live sessions end, clients receive follow-up survey responses from the testers, and can also review the recorded calls to rewatch key moments.

The TryMyUI moderated testing interface delivers a visually clean, intuitive environment to conduct testing in, facilitated wholly through the browser with no download required. The client can let the tester into the virtual testing room whenever they are ready. Both are then connected in a video/audio call, and a feed of the tester’s screen lets the client watch along. As the tester tries out the test website, the client moderates the session by reading them tasks and questions from their script, as well as any off-script questions or clarifications they may think of. While the tester performs the tasks, they provide verbal feedback and answer the questions the client asks them, allowing a window right into their thoughts on using the site.

“TryMyUI’s moderated testing interface is a cutting-edge way for brands to get fast feedback via user research studies by taking out all the legwork for clients, and facilitating everything through a single platform,” said Sweta Patel. “The TryMyUI team handles the recruiting and scheduling of usability sessions. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective and time-saving way to get valuable user feedback so brands can quickly identify problem areas on their sites and apps and work to improve them, ultimately boosting their bottom lines.”

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Source: EIN Presswire