PLISCH releases all new low power TV transmitters with the best efficiency on the market

VIERNHEIM, HESSE, GERMANY, November 26, 2020 / — PLISCH – The Transmitter Company, a 1955-founded global manufacturer of television and radio transmitters, will be extending its portfolio by releasing all new low-power DTV transmitters for Band III and Band IV/V. These air-cooled 2 or 3 HU box- sized transmitters operate at ranges from below 15 watts up to 400 watts.

The new models DTR 5200 and DTR 5500 are particularly interesting for customers across the globe based in specific regions who are in search of providers that can create single frequency networks in limited terrestrial areas serving television standards such as DVB-T(2), ATSC(3) and ISDB-T.

With the all new DTR 5200 and DTR 5500 concepts by PLISCH, it will be possible to increase the total efficiency of each transmitter system by up to 38 %.
These very easy to handle systems include touchscreen operation as well as measurement of MER, shoulder attenuation and PAPR.

Every transmitter is configurable as a single drive, dual drive, or active and passive reserve as well as N+1 configuration. The thermal range in which the DTR models are designed to operate is +5C° to +45C°.

Of course, the DTR 5200 and 5500 models are packed with performance and monitoring options; it is possible to set them up to provide quality measurements of signals, warning messages and full monitoring as well as easy to implement remote operation.

PLISCH ensures customers can keep their installation and maintenance costs to a minimum by incorporating in these devices every function used in larger PLISCH transmitter systems.

“We believe that the future of broadcasting is represented by easy to maintain and highly efficient systems as a result of the transitions occurring in every providers’ environment. And we certainly want to be part of the future by taking broadcasting well into the 21st century. Reducing costs by saving energy, means also saving the planet.”

In connection with this, PLISCH has already delivered dozens of the new low power transmitters to customers in Europe stating: “It is the responsibility of all electronic device producers nowadays to ensure that these are not just efficient but meet customer needs while also protecting the environment. This is at least as important as the commitment by PLISCH to keep its prices as low as possible.”

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Source: EIN Presswire