Got a Question? DataSN Looks to Delivering the Exact Answers You Need

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How one small startup is looking to take over search engine giants and become the most accurate and reliable querying tool in the world

XI’AN, CHINA, September 23, 2020 / — You know the big-name search engines. Google. Yahoo. Bing. And in the next couple of years, a small team of young Chinese entrepreneurs and data geeks hopes that their company, DataSN, will overtake them all.

But you likely haven’t heard of DataSN. Yet.

DataSN is a data crawler and web parser service that extracts and compiles data across the web. Through its website, DataSN hosts all data of the Internet as data objects that are machine friendly and human readable. Unlike website scrapers, DataSN is far more robust by extracting, cleansing, normalizing, categorizing, and formatting data.

What sets DataSN apart from the competition is the quantity and cleanliness of the data. The firm seeks to be the most comprehensive data crawler service in the world and is making colossal strides toward that goal. All of their data is meticulously cleansed and presented in atomic data values that are usable by nearly all programs on the market. And in addition to crawling and scaping text, DataSN also crawls media, giving their subscribers access to a robust library of media data that is meticulously tagged, categorized, and associated with its particular data rows in output reports.

Companies or individuals can subscribe to the firm’s platform and receive access to the databases they need to make data-informed decisions. A number of big-name brands rely on DataSN for their data needs, including Amazon, Keller Williams, US News, Columbia University, and more. Subscription packages are affordable, starting at just $59 a year, and can be customized to meet the client’s needs.

And while the DataSN team’s day-to-day efforts have been focused on delivering the data today’s biggest name firms rely on, they have their sights set on something much bigger: revolutionizing the search engine experience for every web user.

When someone uses a search engine like Google, the site returns a number of web pages that users then need to read through manually to determine if the information is relevant and useful for their purposes. DataSN is looking to change that by offering a far more powerful and comprehensive tool that delivers exactly what users need at every search.

The DataSN search engine model employs much more granular capabilities to deliver results that actually answer the exact question the user searched for. Their services crawl and scrape the web for relevant information and then deliver the results in an easy-to-read data set containing rows of data, with each row pointing to the original data source.

And while their goal is lofty, the team is working hard to make it a reality and are relying on the public’s help.

“We like to think of DataSN as the data brain of the world,” said Yang and CEO of DataSN. “In looking to the future, we want to make querying more accurate and decrease human consumption time by delivering a product that helps take the guesswork out of Internet searches. Through DataSN, users get all of the information they need in an easily digestible format that saves them time and gives them the cleanest, most accurate search engine results the world has ever seen. We’re excited about the role our services will provide in revolutionizing the online world.”

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Source: EIN Presswire