COVID-19 – International Association of Certified ISAOs Launches National Health Care Communications "NHCC-LifeRing"

Preserving Health by Strengthening Healthcare Real-Time Communications to Support a Public/Private COVID-19 Response & Recovery "Unity-of-Effort"

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL, US, July 9, 2020 / — The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI), a non-profit global public- and private-sector critical infrastructure information sharing association is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the National Health Care Communications System (NHCC-LifeRing).

The nation’s healthcare providers continue to lead COVID-19 response and recovery, being on the frontlines every second of every day to protect and sustain population health. Frontline healthcare workers are integral to the nation’s response and are facing unprecedented challenges.

As COVID-19 cases and deaths continue surging to record numbers, response and recovery communications within and across healthcare facilities is more important than ever. There is a dire need for the immediate availability to access secure and real-time communications as quickly as possible on both a large-scale and for one-to-one situations, providing a real-time situational awareness common operational picture (COP) to manage healthcare assets and resources. A single digital communications network immediately connecting local, state, regional and national healthcare response and recovery efforts and activities.

To help support the nation’s healthcare providers for COVID-19 response and recovery efforts, IACI, in partnership with Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS) and the Population Health ISAO have operationalized the National Health Care Communications System “NHCC-LifeRing”. NHCC-LifeRing is built on Amazon Web Suites (AWS) providing highly reliable, secure and scalable cloud tools and services to power the secure and rapid communications that NHCC-LifeRing enables. AWS is providing multiple layers of operation security to ensure integrity and business continuity.

NHCC-LifeRing provides the Communication Command and Control Operations Center (CCOP) connecting hospitals, healthcare facilities, testing facilities, healthcare workers, first responders, and the supply chain locally, statewide, regionally, and nationwide on a single digital communications network immediately accessible via Android, iPhone, Tablet, PC, or Mac.

NHCC-LifeRing represents a breakthrough in secure, encrypted and interoperable tactical communications harnessing a highly portable, communications network for the nation’s public health and healthcare critical infrastructure.

NHCC-LifeRing quickly facilitates ‘real-time’ communication exchange by providing a shared situational awareness Common Operational Picture (COP) in a secure environment. Everyone on LifeRing has a shared map displaying the locations of hospitals, testing sites, or other relevant map markers required by healthcare providers, and displays LifeRing users who are “online”.

Tapping on a Healthcare Facility Marker Symbol brings up detailed information on the facility that has been entered into LifeRing as well as information such as a list of published supplies or equipment needed or available for mutual aid, available beds, medical personnel, volunteers, testing information, etc. Photos, videos, audio files and the most common document types can be attached to the Marker to provide any level of detail.

Tapping on a User Symbol enables direct, one-touch calling, chat or messaging for information sharing coordination and collaboration. Integrated also is ‘Push-to-Talk (PPT)’, map whiteboard functionality, and the ability to broadcast or declare an emergency.

NHCC-LifeRing has been tailored for day-to-day and large-scale preparedness, response and recovery including COVID-19 marker symbols and can be easily customized to serve ongoing healthcare and responder needs.

NHCC-LifeRing enables local, regional, statewide and nationwide cooperation, collaboration and coordination and is interoperable with existing local and state emergency First Responder communications.

“IACI immediately recognized the need for data sharing and data fusion of critical COVID-19 resources for hospitals and health centers across the US. Working with IACI and health care community experts, AGIS engineers were able to rapidly enhance our LifeRing software to provide an easy-to-use data sharing system that operates on PCs, Macs, Tablets, iPhones and Androids for this fight against the COVID-19 pandemic”, said Malcolm “Cap” Beyer, CEO, Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS).

“COVID-19 response and recovery on a local, statewide, regional and nationwide level would greatly benefit from a real-time logistics tool”, said Kendra Siler-Marsiglio, PhD, President/CEO of the Population Health ISAO. “Use of NHCC-LifeRing will enable healthcare providers to instantly communicate and share information for resources, clinical support, medical equipment, supplies, testing facilities or mutual aid”.

“Preserving health by strengthening healthcare communications, NHCC-LifeRing supports a nationwide public/private unity-of-effort", said Deborah Kobza, IACI President/CEO. “Given the current continued COVID-19 surge and impacts to our nation’s healthcare system, we feel strongly that NHCC-LifeRing will be a huge benefit to support healthcare critical communications to address the needs of the communities they serve, their healthcare workers, and the many healthcare partners they’ll be able to coordinate and collaborate with as part of the wider NHCC-LifeRing community,”

Healthcare Providers can immediately begin registering for NHCC-LifeRing. Upon registration, NHCC-LifeRing representatives will be working with healthcare providers for immediate set-up and training.
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About Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS)
Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS) — Providing the technology behind LifeRing, this organization has provided the breakthrough infrastructure for real-time and secure communications among military, first responders and other critical infrastructure personnel. In LifeRing, AGIS has created a secure, fully operationalized, highly portable and tactical communications tool that enables rapid, protected and effective information sharing to support preparedness, response and recovery operations.

About the Population Health ISAO
The Population Health ISAO — The security intelligence community for healthcare professionals to work together on situational awareness needs, regulatory requirements, risk identification, threat response efforts and more, this ISAO works direction with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Through this partnership the Population ISAO uses HHS guidelines to support the National Preparedness Goal for a secure, resilient nation and provides access to real-time intelligence information, training and secure healthcare communications to all of its members.

About IACI
The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI), is the trusted “Center-of-Gravity” for the global community to advance security resilience by accelerating information sharing and response supported by best practice and education. An authorized Information Sharing & Analysis Organization by U.S. Presidential Executive Order 13691 and the 2015 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, IACI is headquartered at the IACI-CERT, Center for Space Education, Kennedy Space Center, FL

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Source: EIN Presswire