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GREAT NECK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mediation and collaborative divorce are fundamentally different from how people normally go through the divorce process. They are better, more amicable, and often less expensive ways of resolving divorce cases.

Teresa Ombres is the founder of Provorce, where she helps couples and individuals smooth the course of divorce and separation through a unique approach designed to minimize clients’ emotional stress and financial costs.

“Provorce is the place to go if you don’t want your divorce to be a nightmare,” says Teresa. “It’s positive instead of negative. It’s all of the pros and none of the cons. People just don't know that they can do this a different way.”

According to Teresa, in order to get a divorce, you have to have a judge sign a judgment. In order for a judge to sign a judgment, you have to have a lawsuit where there's a plaintiff and the defendant. So divorce is set up from the beginning to be adversarial.

A lawyer’s job is to advocate zealously for her client’s position. But Teresa says that approach does not always serve the best interests of the children or the mental health of the family. Teresa’s goal is to help divorcing couples work out these issues on their own, being mindful of what works best for all family members. It’s conversational, collaborative, and she’s always looking for ways to help clients understand each other and create solutions that work for all.”

“Divorces become nightmares when people litigate in court and lose total control of the process, the cost and the outcome,” says Teresa. “People come to mediation because they know they don't want the nightmare of litigation. They know they don't want to spend a fortune on lawyers. They know they don't want to hurt their kids. So my job is to guide them through the process with those goals top of mind. I believe people want to do the right thing, and we can help them do it the right way.”

Teresa was part of the first group of New York City lawyers to be trained in Collaborative Divorce in 2001. Supported by mental health professionals and even financial specialists, Teresa facilitates the conversation to find solutions from day one.

“Mediation is not judgmental, and I found that liberating,” says Teresa. “All this stuff can be worked out in a creative problem-solving kind of way. Litigation should be the last alternative.”

At this point in the Coronavirus crisis, courts are closed except for emergencies. More and more people are turning to mediation and collaborative practice to get through their divorces. Mediators and Collaborative lawyers are using videoconferencing to keep in touch with clients and help navigate the unique challenges created by schools being closed, parents out of work and social distancing.

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