Touchstream’s new tool for video stream monitoring, Incident Playback service gives broadcasters the edge in QoS

Incident Playback

StreamE2E Incident Playback interface

Incident Playback offers the ability to rewind and playback an incident. Give streaming teams the opportunity to see an incident as if it was happening again.

We found after customers fixed immediate issues, they wanted to rewind and playback an incident to identify leading KPIs. Incident Playback was born from working and listening to real issues.”

— Brenton Ough, CEO Touchstream

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, April 5, 2019 / — Touchstream’s unique StreamE2E Incident Playback service, developed in response to customer needs, is the latest innovation to be built into the company’s groundbreaking StreamE2E platform. The tool from the video stream monitoring pioneer, improves the efficacy of reporting back to streaming providers with detailed, actionable information that will dramatically enhance the speed and efficiency of problem resolution.

Using the new ‘Incident Playback’ service, operators are able to, at will, playback an incident in full or from any point in the streaming process giving them a view of the end-to-end data in one, intuitive visualization. The tool mimics each network element, presenting an exact visual replica of the actual workflow. This is a much more granular way to examine problems that may have contributed to the slowdown or failure.

“Uniquely, we now offer our customer and partners the ability for an immediate end-to-end Incident Playback, vastly enhancing their ability to identify the relevant network elements to interrogate,” Brenton Ough, Touchstream´s CEO and Co-Founder said.

“We found after customers fixed the immediate issue, they wanted to rewind and playback an incident to identify any leading KPIs.”

“Discussions led to the ultimate question: “what if you could go back in time and play back the incident from a monitoring perspective to see all the status’ and KPIs in the time leading up to the incident”.

“StreamE2E Incident Playback was born from this, working with our customers and listening to real issues.”

Released in early 2018, StreamE2E was a first for the streaming video industry—a monitoring solution that pinpoints the root cause of cloud-based video delivery workflows so streaming service providers can proactively ensure better Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for their subscribers, preventing possible churn and reputational damage. Incident Playback is the next significant step in the evolution of video delivery monitoring.

Any denigration in the quality of video streams risks heightening customers churn, in a market where competition is already seeing customers become more selective about streaming offerings and those for which they will pay. And for the global video streaming market the value has been forecast to reach USD124.57 billion by 2025, according to a December 2018 by Grand View Research, Inc with a compound annual growth rate of 19.6% during the period.

StreamE2E Incident Playback service will be on display at NAB 2019. Come to Booth SU11612 and see it in action.

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