FileZilla® Pro to launch second customer survey

File transfer service fulfills customers’ requests for new protocols

FileZilla Pro continues its quest to keep adding new features as identified by customers”

— Tim Kosse

KöLN, GERMANY, April 2, 2019 / — FileZilla® Pro, the popular cross-platform file access and transfer software application, will launch a new survey to find out which new features the company’s 65,000 users want the platform to add.

Since launching its first survey last year, FileZilla Pro has added all of the cloud service protocols customers requested, said Tim Kosse, FileZilla founder and team leader. “We have not only added Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Azure, Backblaze B2 and Dropbox, but also extended our S3 support with additional features such as Bucket Lifecycle Policy management and Server-Side Encryption for S3”, he said. “FileZilla Pro continues its quest to keep adding new features as identified by customers,” Kosse said.

“We expect the 2019 survey to lead to more additions to the FileZilla Pro catalog of supported protocols and features” said Roberto Galoppini, Director of Strategy at FileZilla. “We are particularly proud of the fact that we managed to add support for popular protocols as well as protocols that only a small number of users requested in the 2018 survey,” Galoppini said. “The addition of these protocols reflects our commitment to users with diverse needs,” Galoppini said.

Customers will begin seeing the new survey starting Thursday 26 of March. Customers are warmly invited to be directly involved in the product roadmap definition and help us to make FileZilla Pro more useful for them.

In the 2018 survey, 80 percent of customers said they would recommend FileZilla Pro. “I am proud of our growth and service to our customers,” Kosse said. “This new survey will help us continue our success.”

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