Logic20/20 Offers Apple Business Chat to Help Clients Improve Customer Experience

Apple Business Chat

ABC allows you to delight customer and increase brand loyalty. It delivers fantastic customer experience by seamlessly handling multiple inquiries through text.

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Logic20/20, a leading business and technology consulting firm, is offering customer engagement expertise this holiday season, specifically in the form of Apple Business Chat.

Apple Business Chat (ABC) uses Apple’s existing iMessage platform for businesses to connect directly with customers using a branded interface. Through ABC, your customers can ask questions, schedule appointments, make secure payments through Apple pay, and request support. Customers can reach you directly through the application and services like Maps, Safari, Siri, and Spotlight. ABC behaves just like iMessage, so customers are comfortable with it from the start.

ABC allows you to delight customer and increase brand loyalty. It delivers a fantastic customer experience by seamlessly handling multiple inquiry types through text. It also saves time and increases efficiency with less time spent on hold. It has been found that 67 percent of people said they expect to message more with businesses over the next two years, making this a must for customer service. This top-notch customer experience will provide your company with a strategic advantage.

Implementing ABC will allow for quick wins and immediate value by building in a modular fashion. Companies will be able to easily ramp up, demonstrating proof of concept, and will be able to add features incrementally. This allows for quicker delivery of features and added value to agents and customers.

Logic20/20’s next generation Customer Engagement offerings give organizations everything they need to create and maintain an all-inclusive, wraparound customer experience with added benefits of reduced costs, decrease in employee attrition, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue. By leveraging agile methodologies and DevOps best practices companies can see immediate value with new tools and functionalities.

Learn more about Apple Business Chat and improving your customer engagement at https://www.logic2020.com/apple-business-chat.

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