BioPod® Technology’s two-way (or multiple channel) secure direct communication system patents provide unique features (to the Hearables and wearables industries) that include instantaneous or intermittent remote monitoring and communication between users and a wide range of affiliates. Data may be collected, transmitted and displayed to necessary personnel from ear sensors which track vitals feedback for heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature and expressed carbon dioxide In addition to being the wireless conduit to track and transmit data sourced from associated sensors located in and on the body.

BioPod® Technology was created to be a game-changer and life-saver with wireless connectivity, audio alerts and haptic feedback enabled real-time vital communications such as prescription reminders, remote physical therapy and training sessions, BioPod HouseCall™ doctor visits for in-home patients and much more. GPS location capabilities assure any patient, user or provider could be located in critical situations and linked to Emergency Response and Medical Professionals 24/7/365. The Benefits of BioPod® Technology are better care, faster response, lower medical costs and improved data collection and monitoring.


Our IP provides a solution to smarter and more powerful smart home platform hardware and information in the IoT. Smart Home Devices and information collected through multichannel communication systems would be vastly improved with the addition of biometric feedback from all individuals (and pets) and in the connected devices that would benefit from BioPod's® patented technology. BioPod’s Hearable Platform Technology would add value and differentiation to Smart Home Management and Controls and may become the conduit for numerous mixed reality and IoT applications.


Today’s athletes are seeking an edge. BioPod® Technology with proprietary remote VO2Max expressed carbon dioxide (and other vitals) monitoring and communication capabilities through in- ear sensors gives athletes that and more, from playgrounds to the pros. Real-time 24/7/365 data collection makes it possible for Coaches, Trainers and Certified Health Therapists and Professionals to tailor a PodiumPerformance™ remote training program to keep athletes “in the zone” and at peak performance levels not possible before, with haptic and audio alerts. The secondary benefit is the trainers up their “game” to elite levels as well with BioPod® Technology “tools” that make elite pro performance training possible. Integration of BioPod® Technology into Performance Masks make it a "Pro-brainer" for developers of hardware and soft goods in Fitness & Sport categories. BioPod® Technology has two Fitness Sports concepts, each having applications for product designers and developers, BioPod® RemoteCoach and BioPod® VirtualCoach.


Big Data with the potential integration of BioPod® Technology for Business, Healthcare Systems, Corporations, Organizations and Institutions presents a compelling case for a swarm technology where smaller hardware and software solutions could collect, analyze and channel gained knowledge involving any devices used within the IoT and IoMT. While most Healthcare Systems, Corporations and Institutions are increasingly implementing Big Data initiatives to increase their ability to collect pertinent data, there is concern about the data collected and how it is utilized.

BioPod® Technology presents the potential for gathering increased biometric data on the collections. BioPod®Technology Biometric Data Access & Retrieval of biometric data is either Accepted or can be Denied by the individual during BioPod Technology Set-Up where protected data will pass through an encrypted cloud requiring the individual's approval along with the user partners recognizing and acceptance of confidentiality. The BioPod® Technology ear-based multi-channel communications system is key to the transmission and collection of data from our ear-based sensors and topical and implanted sensors placed on the individuals. The combined growth potential represented by Big Data, the IoT, IoMT, and a Social Swarm component presents an opportunity for unprecedented levels of knowledge acquisition through deep learning.


BioPod® Technology’s Ear-Sourced Biometric Data and Multi-Channel Communications System utilizes ear-sourced Vital Sign feedback. "Unique to BioPod® Technology's infrastructure is its built-in, real-time, multi-channel biometric data feedback which uses unique preset "high and low range analytics" to alert IoMT linked Healthcare/Homecare professionals of conceivable "out-of- range" biometric status of their patients, which alerts them 24/7/365 to initiate appropriate care responses for their HomeCare Patients.

High-low range analytical parameters provide a basis which can lead to improved and personalized care supported by direct communication and haptic responses. This provides comfort and assurance to remote patients that Healthcare/Homecare Professionals, Support Staff, Emergency Services, Primary Care Doctors and Family are watching over them while being monitored and supported by BioPod's CareUniverse™."


Evolving, dynamic reactive gaming is within reach with BioPod® Technology. Monitoring of gamer’s vitals adds an infinite number of game play possibilities by communicating with the game platform. Game may become reactive and dynamic in response to the data collected by BioPod® Technology. A game could change course, difficulty, and variables simply based on the data from each user which is influenced by any number of external factors. This addition provides powerful exponential challenge possibilities. A gamer’s vitals could be displayed within game screens to ramp up the challenge between competing gamers. BioPod® Technology can create a direct communications link between gamers and enthusiasts.

BioPod® Technology improves "Motion Sensing" calculations while using "actual biomedical feedback for heart-rate, oxygen saturation, respiration, temperature, end-tidal CO2, etc.,with direct communications to the individual, those connected to the network, and the gaming architecture.

BioPod® offers a broad range of applications for the following fields: Healthcare/Homecare, IoMT, Fitness & Sport, Big Data, Smart Home, Military, Mixed Reality, and Video Gaming.
BioPod® is a registered trademark of Meramark Ventures, LLC. For more information or investor/partnership and licensing info, and BioPod® Technology presentation visit BioPod Tech Website and

Email us to arrange an appointment at:
Richard Maertz
Meramark Ventures

Richard Maertz
Meramark Ventures
email us here

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Globalsat Group and SatSure Sign Agreement for Joint Marketing and Integration of M2M Solutions

Globalsat Group has signed an agreement with SatSure regarding the joint marketing of large area analytics solutions to customers in the Americas.

SatSure is a solid addition to Globalsat's offerings which will enable us to offer one-stop solutions for clients in remote areas which can make use of satellite connectivity and large area analytics”

— J. Alberto Palacios

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, July 25, 2018 / — Globalsat Group has signed an agreement with SatSure regarding the joint marketing of large area analytics solutions to current and future customers in the Americas.

Under the agreement, Globalsat customers will have access to SatSure's groundbreaking technology, in combination with Globalsat integration capabilities, market access and comprehensive roster of Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) and Fixed Satellite Services (FSS).

SatSure is keen on identifying and leveraging market opportunities in the North, Central, and South America regions and is looking for assistance for this purpose and pursuant to mutual discussions. The Company has decided to engage Globalsat Group as its partner because it has the expertise, experience and the network of people in said regions to assist the Company in finding opportunities to market and sell its platform there.

Through this collaboration, the Americas will have access to SatSure's services by combining the power of Satellite Remote Sensing, IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, and Big Data analytics.

“SatSure is a solid addition to Globalsat's offerings which will enable us to offer one-stop solution for clients in remote areas which can make use of both satellite connectivity and large area analytics, and of course SatSure services will also be available separately for customers with network access in more developed rural or urban areas”, says J. Alberto Palacios, Globalsat Group CEO.

“We are excited to be working with Globalsat,” says Prateep Basu, Director and Global Head of Strategy & Partnerships of SatSure. “This agreement represents a significant opportunity to expand the reach of our transformative technology stack throughout the western hemisphere, where we can help solve today and tomorrow's decision support requirements for enterprises, farmers, banking, insurance, social infrastructure, energy, and telecoms, who can leverage the power of connectivity and analytics to drive cost efficiency and risk management in their operations”.

About Globalsat Group:

Founded in 1999, Globalsat Group is the first Pan-American Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) consortium and a leading provider of voice, data, M2M/IoT, software, and hardware development throughout the western hemisphere.

The group has offices in the continental United States, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Puerto Rico as well as distributors in the most important cities in the region.

Continuously and efficiently, Globalsat’s land, maritime and aeronautical solutions provide mission-critical communications to thousands of clients across sectors which include energy, government, defense, media, mining, banking, agriculture, NGOs, and tourism.

Recently, Globalsat Group was honored with the “Top Land Mobility Satcom Innovation Award” by the Mobile Satellite User Association. Globalsat was also named “Latin America Satellite Communications Company of the Year” for two consecutive years (2016, 2017) by the highly recognized international consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. For more information about the consortium, please visit .

About SatSure:

SatSure is a spatial analytics company that combines and analyzes data from satellites, drones and IoT devices among others, to create decision support systems. SatSure solutions are applicable in various sectors, including agriculture, banking, insurance, oil & gas, infrastructure, and forestry.

SatSure has offices in St. Gallen (Switzerland), London (U.K.), and Bangalore (India), as well as distributors in the Middle-east, and has been recognized for its technological innovation in the spatial analytics domain, especially in emerging markets. For more information about SatSure, please visit .

Silvina Graziadio
Globalsat Group LLC
+1 (561) 419 9856
email us here

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Peer Mountain and Syscoin Announce Partnership to Deliver Regulatory Compliant E-Commerce On-Chain

Peer Mountain is pleased to announce it has signed a partnership agreement with Syscoin, a top 100 breakthrough token.

LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG, July 25, 2018 / — Luxembourg, LUX – July 23, 2018 – Peer Mountain is pleased to announce it has signed a partnership agreement with Syscoin, a top 100 breakthrough token that offers businesses and consumers the world's first decentralised marketplace in order to conduct e-commerce without intermediaries.

This partnership will enable Peer Mountain to include the support of the Syscoin Protocol on its development map. The companies will work together to develop interface microservices to facilitate interoperability between the Peerchain Protocol and the Syscoin Protocol. In doing so, this partnership will be a way for users to purchase identity verified goods, such as alcohol and tobacco, whilst using both Peer Mountain and Syscoin services.

Both companies will exchange technical information with each other on an advanced basis. They are committed to assisting each other in developing maximum value for its communities and, most importantly, the overlapping community that shall result from this partnership.

“This partnership opens up new e-commerce opportunities for the Peer Mountain and Syscoin communities,” said Peer Mountain CEO and Founder, Jed Grant. “We are excited to partner with Syscoin and to open the possibility for selling regulated items on its Blockmarket e-commerce platform with Peerchain powered compliance.”

Syscoin is a subsidiary of the Blockchain Foundry who will support and promote Peer Mountain’s compliant service delivery technology to allow the transaction of regulated goods and services on the Blockchain Foundry marketplaces.

“We’re thrilled to work with the Peer Mountain Team. We will expand Blockmarket’s capabilities through Peer Mountain’s layer 2 Peerchain Protocol.” Said Sebastian Schepis, CIO of Blockchain Foundry.

The implementation of the Peer Mountain identity verification being used on the Syscoin network is set for 2019.

To keep up to date with all of the latest Peer Mountain news join its official Telegram channel:


About Peer Mountain
Peer Mountain is the cross-blockchain protocol that connects self-sovereign ID holders with businesses, enabling commerce at scale. It is the only decentralized identity network that provides businesses with instant cost-effective regulatory compliance, puts people in control of their protected personal information, and pays ID verifiers for their trustworthiness. For more information, please join the discussion in the Peer Mountain Telegram group.

About Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry
Syscoin is a blockchain protocol that provides businesses and individuals the ability to securely trade goods, assets, digital certificates, and data. The Syscoin platform allows developers to create custom scalable blockchain applications using a full feature set including custom tokens, high-speed, low-priced transactions, and more. Syscoin trades under the symbol “SYS” on leading digital asset exchanges including, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Upbit, and others. For more information please visit Blockchain Foundry Inc. develops and commercializes blockchain-based business solutions and provides consulting services to corporate clients seeking to incorporate blockchain technology in their businesses. The company has developed a proprietary blockchain-based ecommerce solution, Blockmarket, which is a downloadable software application, and has begun development work on a web-based Blockmarket application.

Jedediah Grant
Peer Mountain
+352 621 257457
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AV-Comparatives publishes 2018 enterprise IT-security test under real-world conditions

AV-Comparatives released results of their Business Main-Test Series. It is the most complete Enterprise security comparative test in the IT security industry.

INNSBRUCK, TYROL, AUSTRIA, July 24, 2018 / — Business Security Test 2018 (March – June)

AV-Comparatives publishes 2018 business IT-security test with usability reviews to assess endpoint effectiveness under real-world conditions

18 July 2018, Innsbruck, Austria – The independent security software tester AV-Comparatives released the half year results of their Business Main-Test Series. It is the most complete Enterprise IT security comparative test in the endpoint security industry.

The real-world effectiveness of an endpoint protection IT security solution is not solely based on the results of Av-Comparatives' award-winning test framework, but also includes a review on the ease of use of these market leaders brand business security solutions. This multi aspect assessment makes AV-Comparatives Business Main-Test Series the most comprehensive endpoint security report for small to large business organizations.

Download the complete 72-page PDF report for free


Most comprehensive Business IT-Security Test

We are pleased to announce the publication of the half-year report of our Business Main-Test Series. This business test assesses endpoint protection on multiple aspects. AV security software is available for all sizes and types of business. Effectiveness of endpoint security should also be evaluated in the context of the organization it is applied in. What fits well at the smaller end of the SME (small to medium enterprise) market is probably not going to be quite so appropriate to larger corporations.

To provide practical and useful information to security specialists, IT-managers and business owners, AV-Comparatives assesses business security products on multiple aspects:

Real-World Protection
This test mimics the dangers an end-user encounters in every day conditions. This award winning dynamic test allows to fully test all protection mechanisms of an AV-solution during all stages of a malware intrusion scenario. This test includes a false positives test on (wrongly blocked) domains as well as (wrongly blocked) downloaded files.

Malware Protection
AV-products are assessed on their ability to protect a system against infection by malicious files before, during or after execution. This test includes a false positives test on common business software. The effectiveness of endpoint protection is critically influenced by both malware infections and false positives, because both disrupt business operations.

Performance Impact
False positives and performance impact are two important factors determining end user acceptance of security products. When users are not hindered they have no incentives to evade company security policies, making these aspects an indirect success factor.

Product Reviews
The individual reviews provide insights in the ease of use and central management. Ease of use includes installation & deployment, daily use and remediation & outbreak containment. With the increasing importance of BYO (bring your own) the ease of which various sorts of endpoint devices can be protected is an important consideration for most organizations.

AV-Comparatives Approved Business Product Award

As in previous years, we are giving our “Approved Business Product” award to qualifying products. As we are now conducting two tests of business products per year, separate awards will be given to qualifying products in July (for March-June tests), and December (for August-November tests) for July, and one for December.

We congratulate the 16 vendors who are participating in the Business Main-Test Series for having their business endpoint protection products publicly tested by an independent lab, showing their commitment to improving their products, being transparent to their customers and having confidence in their product quality. Read our report to see which products were awarded.

Read More


About AV-Comparatives

AV-Comparatives is an independent organization offering systematic testing to check whether security software, such as PC/Mac-based antivirus products and mobile security solutions, lives up to its promises. Using one of the largest sample collections worldwide, it creates a real-world environment for truly accurate testing. AV-Comparatives offers freely accessible results to individuals, news organizations and scientific institutions. Certification by AV-Comparatives provides an official seal of approval for software performance, which is globally recognized.

The results can be used by editors / media / bloggers etc. for free. Please give as source

email us here

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Imprivata extends multi-factor authentication to handheld devices with the launch of Mobile Device Access solution

New solution gives clinicians fast, secure and auditable access to shared mobile devices and applications with just the tap of a badge

Imprivata Mobile Device Access enables healthcare organisations to unlock the full potential of their investment in clinical mobile devices and applications.”

— Adam Bangle, VP International Sales, Imprivata

LONDON, UK, July 24, 2018 / — Imprivata® the healthcare IT security company, today introduced Imprivata Mobile Device Access™ which enables fast, secure access to clinical mobile devices and applications. The new solution extends the capabilities of Imprivata OneSign® and the Imprivata identity and access management platform enabling fast, secure access to shared mobile devices and applications with the tap of a proximity badge. As a result, organisations can unlock the full potential of these devices and applications ensuring a fast, efficient workflow for clinicians and care givers whilst maintaining security and auditability.

Delivering 21st century healthcare while safe-guarding sensitive patient records with ever-decreasing budgets is a real challenge for healthcare professionals. Hospitals are increasingly turning to mobile technology to automate and streamline time consuming manual processes. However, the workflows to access shared mobile devices and applications can be frustratingly cumbersome and become a barrier to usage. If access is frustrating and challenging, staff could seek insecure workarounds which then creates risk in information governance, potential GDPR data breaches, and lead to inaccurate data being recorded for auditing.

Imprivata Mobile Device Access supports the mobility of clinical staff and brings technology to the bedside by improving usability of shared clinical mobile devices and applications. The solution removes the need for repetitive manual logins and complex passwords typed on small mobile keyboards, providing fast, secure, access and replacing the need for password entry with the simple tap of a badge, then single sign-on into applications. It Increases the security of mobile devices and applications by requiring strong authentication to access the device. As a result, organisations can unlock the full potential of shared devices and applications by ensuring a fast, efficient workflow for clinicians while maintaining (and improving) security and auditability.

Imprivata MDA integrates seamlessly with Imprivata OneSign, healthcare’s leading enterprise SSO and virtual desktop access platform, leveraging the same core infrastructure. This allows organisations to set authentication policies for all workflows from a single platform which reduces TCO and streamlines reporting.

Adam Bangle, VP International Sales at Imprivata explains; “The healthcare ecosystem is evolving, and mobile devices are increasingly becoming prevalent in patient care. Imprivata Mobile Device Access enables healthcare organisations to unlock the full potential of their investment in clinical mobile devices and applications. The solution increases usability and removes barriers to adoption whilst improving security by requiring strong authentication to access mobile devices. The result is happier users embracing the technology and organisations realising full utilisation of their investment in elevating patient care.”

Andreina West
PR Artistry
44 1491 845553
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Rewire Security announces a Major Software update for GPSLive

Rewire Security, one of the leading GPS Tracking systems suppliers in the UK, announces a major update to its GPS Tracking software.

For years we have been trying to assist individuals and businesses with improving the security of their vehicles, but, GPS Tracking is not all about security.”

— Bilen Saribardak

BRISTOL, BRISTOL, BIRLEşIK KRALLıK, July 24, 2018 / — July 23, 2018, Bristol, the United Kingdom Rewire Security, one of the leading GPS Tracking systems suppliers in the UK, announces a major update to its GPS Tracking software. GPSLive allows individuals and small businesses to keep an eye on their vehicles and assets 24/7. GPSLive can be used for viewing the real-time location of people, assets and vehicles using nothing but a PC, smartphone or a tablet.

The GPSLive software update includes new features such as; trip log, detailed usage reports, alerts, and a new, user-friendly interface. The latest Trip Log feature allows businesses to identify the mileage of their drivers and tag them between Business and Personal usage, thus creating a complete record of all their tax-deductible and reimbursable mileage. The new interface makes it easy to set up alarms for events such as; speeding, idling and harsh braking. Alarms enable businesses to identify their drivers with risky driving habits and take necessary precautions.

“For years we have been trying to assist individuals and businesses with improving the security of their vehicles, but, GPS Tracking is not all about security. It’s about gaining real-time visibility into your vehicle and assets. Our engineers have been working for over six months on the latest software update,” said Bilen Saribardak, Rewire Security’s Managing Director. “We have improved the usage and functionality of Alarms and Reports to provide small and medium businesses with a tool for easily figuring out the real-time location and previously taken routes by the drivers in their fleet. The latest addition to our software: Trip Log, makes it easier to distinguish between business and private usage of the company vehicles to allow businesses to identify their tax-deductible mileage easily. We are committed to continuously improving the performance and user experience of GPSLive.”

Alarms are now much easier to set-up, and they can be used to notify you instantly by an email, SMS or push notification on your smartphone. The new GPSLive alarm – Speed Violation – compares your vehicle’s speed with the national speed limit of the road it’s traveling and notifies you in case of a speed violation. Alarms can be set for; geo-fence zone in&out, crash detection, speeding, idling, harsh braking, and for any parameter received from the input devices that can be attached to the engine, doors, and windows as well as any other electronic sensor on the vehicle. The geo-fence feature is particularly helpful for identifying the time-sheet of a business. Geo-fences are virtual geographic boundaries that can be drawn on the GPSLive map. GPSLive will notify you in case one of your vehicles enters or leaves the geo-fence zone.

Rewire Security offers a wide range of telematics and GPS Tracking devices for locating kids, Alzheimer’s patients, overseas cargos, bikes, motorcycles as well as cars, vans, and trucks. Rewire Security’s tracking devices are paired with GPSLive before delivery for convenience and ease of use. Not only will GPSLive help individuals locate their cars, but it will also allow business managers to detect issues regarding their fleet and take necessary actions quickly. GPSLive reduces the workload on management by reducing paperwork and improves overall profitability by enabling managers to view the driver of the car, the duration of the vehicle use, the amount of fuel spent and which car was used for the trip throughout the day.

GPSLive is an advanced GPS Tracking software; it’s an ideal tool for fleet managers who want to be in control of their business and streamline their operations. Annual subscription for GPSLive costs only £20, and it includes one-year GPSLive web software and mobile app usage.

About Rewire Security
Rewire Security offers reliable and affordable GPS Tracking systems. Established in 2013, we've supplied security and GPS tracking systems for a number of prestigious contracts including the Ministry of Defense, Hacklin Ltd., Island IT and Symec Technologies. We specialize in Telematics, GPS vehicle tracking software and mobile apps to provide our clients with real-time visibility to their vehicle and assets 24/7, anywhere in the world.

For further information, please contact
Bilen Saribardak, Managing director
Rewire Security
Tel: 0117 403 1760
Facebook: rewiregps
Twitter: @rewiresecurity

Mehmet Comek
Rewire Security
email us here

Rewire Security | GPS Trackers & Real Time Live Fleet Tracking

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Armour Comms mission critical solution tests successfully at ETSI Plugtest

Secure mobile communication solution, Armour Blue, successfully demonstrated interoperability at Global Plugtest for mission critical services (MCX)

We are committed to working with the communications community to achieve a single, interoperable, global standard for our customers.”

— David Holman, Director, Armour Communications

LONDON, UK, July 24, 2018 / — Armour Communications, a leading provider of specialist, secure communications solutions, has successful participated in a week of plugtesting organised by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and The Critical Communications Association (TCCA) in Texas. The capabilities of Mission Critical voice, video and data were put to the test during a week-long event of intensive testing of more than 300 combinations of vendors and equipment.

The second ETSI MCPTT Plugtests attracted a total of 31 vendors with 120 participants on site, plus support from remote labs. Observers from nine organizations based in the UK, France and the USA witnessed the execution of more than 2000 tests, based on a test plan with more than 100 test cases, with a 92 per cent success rate.

Armour Comms participated in testing for the 3GPP Release 14 Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) protocols, which are fully integrated into the Armour Blue solution and supports different use cases including emergency and blue light, police and law enforcement, covert ops, and others.

“Interoperability is a crucial factor in the success of developing mission critical services and products,” commented David Holman, director at Armour Communications. “At Armour Comms our objective is to provide the most flexible secure communications platform and we are fully committed to working with the critical communications community to achieve a single, interoperable, global standard for our customers.”

Providing the same great user experience as Armour Mobile, Armour Blue enables operatives in the field to collaborate securely with each other and to communicate with colleagues back at base via the Armour Blue Dashboard. Calls can be managed centrally to determine priority, enabling a more streamlined approach when handling emergency situations.

The solution delivers a comprehensive range of communications features which include secure voice and video calls, one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video conference calls, file attachments and sent/received/read message status. When switched to Armour Blue mode, users have a direct channel, always-on audio radio, where they do not need to dial a number to speak to others in the group.

Armour Blue is available for commercial off the shelf (COTS) devices which means there is no requirement for a ‘special’ phone, making deployment easier and more cost effective, and providing a greater level of anonymity for those in the field. Using a FIPS 140-2 validated crypto core, Armour Mobile has been awarded many other certifications including Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and is included in the NATO Information Assurance catalogue.

Andreina West
PR Artistry
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Uhuru and SoftBank Establish Capital and Business Partnership in the Field of IoT (Announced on June 28, 2018)

Uhuru’s IoT solution to connect with SoftBank’s IoT platform and network

MINATO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, July 24, 2018 / — Uhuru Corporation (“Uhuru”, headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Takashi Sonoda) and SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”, headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Ken Miyauchi) have agreed to enter into a capital and business tie-up in the field of IoT.

SoftBank has constructed an IoT platform that collects data from a wide variety of sensor devices and can be used in numerous ways to unlock the value of that data. With this platform, SoftBank is able to provide one-stop access to the essential elements for building an IoT environment: devices & network connectivity, data storage, applications and more. By entering into this capital and business partnership, SoftBank aims to strengthen its solutions and speed up technology development for the IoT business with Uhuru, which possesses abundant experience and know-how in the field of IoT.

Using enebular®, Uhuru’s tool that provides comprehensive development and operation service support for creating IoT products and services, Uhuru develops applications which connect clients’ IoT devices to the cloud, easily connect various different cloud services, and bring to reality optimized operation of autonomous, distributed, collaborative IoT systems with massive numbers of devices.

By means of this capital and business tie-up, Uhuru and SoftBank together will be providing IoT services created by combining Uhuru’s IoT solution and SoftBank’s IoT platform & network. Furthermore, the two companies plan to jointly develop a communication module for IoT devices that conforms to NB-IoT, the LTE standard released for commercial use by SoftBank in April 2018, with the goal of expanding the IoT business. In 2020, when 5G is expected to have advanced to become widespread on a worldwide scale, the global IoT market is expected to exceed 240 trillion yen*1 (2.2 trillion US dollars). The collaboration will focus on accelerating solutions especially for facility management*2, asset tracking*3 and smart city.

*1 Source: Production Forecasts for the Global Electronics and Information Technology Industries (Press release by JEITA, December 19, 2017)
*2 Facility management: General term for maintenance and control of infrastructure used in factories and buildings, etc.
*3 Asset tracking: A method of tracking the locations of people and things using a combination of Wi-Fi & GPS, RFID tags, etc.

・The SoftBank name and logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of SoftBank Group Corp.’s operations in Japan and overseas.
・All names of companies, products and services mentioned in this release are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
・The descriptions, prices and specifications of products and services, contact points and other information are current as of the date of this announcement. Information may change without prior notice.

About enebular® (
enebular is an IoT orchestration service provided by Uhuru.
enebular enables development of applications to link edge devices to the cloud, simplifying the task of connecting various cloud services and brings optimized operation of collaborative IoT systems with massive numbers of devices to reality. enebular is also equipped with security and scalability functions ready for commercial use. Since its release in 2014, numerous businesses seeking digital transformation with IoT and AI have adopted enebular. In May 2015 Uhuru has become a licensed partner with ARM Ltd. for use of Arm® Mbed™ Cloud, allowing Uhuru to conduct development related to cloud, edge devices, end devices, with an emphasis on security, particularly at the hardware level.

About Uhuru (
Uhuru aims to deliver added value to clients and society with innovative products and services delivered via the internet based on our corporate philosophy “Create the future with technology and free imagination”. With IoT as our core business, Uhuru continues to bring transformative change to our customers’ businesses in the IoT realm using enebular, our IoT orchestration service that connects edge devices to the cloud. We are also working on next-generation telecommunications technology in preparation for the upcoming era of 5G. Uhuru strives to create new businesses for our clients with expert teams in a variety of disciplines, such as consulting, engineering and creative production, to provide one-stop access to the professional services in business strategy, technological support and communication strategy necessary to bring IoT to business.

Yosuke Kurihara
Corporate Marketing Team
email us here

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Ursalink Proudly Announces Its Renewal of ISO 9001:2015

XIAMEN, FUJIAN, CHINA, July 24, 2018 / — XIAMEN, CHINA July 19, 2018–Ursalink (, an innovative manufacturer of the most reliable and robust M2M/IoT products, is excited to announce it’s been formally certified by the newly revised standards ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used and recognized management system in the world today and helps organizations to meet the expectations and needs of their customers. The certification is the assurance that a company is clearly defined in the procedures of sales management, production management, R&D management, risk management, etc. It also helps expedites the optimization of internal processes and enhance professionalism of businesses.

To complies with the standards, Ursalink dedicates to the improvements and the operation aims to deliver a high level of quality and sustainability of our products. The certification renewal and audit process demonstrates Ursalink’s identified regulation and are in full support with our promise of serving preeminent services for our customers. Everything we’ve done has been in the service of that plan and our employees are surrounded by a company culture of exceeding expectations.

The certification presents wisdom for the management that our company have embraced. We would like to take this great opportunity to strengthen proving our commitment to providing best products and services to our clients and spare no efforts to drive business growth with possible uplifts in the months and years to come.


About Ursalink

Ursalink is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class industrial-grade M2M/IoT hardware and solutions with superior performance, relentless reliability and unquestioned security for the global market. With a deep, rich suite of IoT and M2M network services, Ursalink offers true global connectivity, with high-quality integration solutions for customers from all industries. For more information, please visit

About ISO 9000/ISO 9001

The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or service. ISO 9000 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems, including the seven quality management principles upon which the family of standards is based. ISO 9001 deals with the requirements that organizations wishing to meet the standard must fulfil. Over one million organizations worldwide are independently certified, making ISO 9001 one of the most widely used management tools in the world today.

Ivete Huang
Ursalink Technology
email us here

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EIPlatform Releases Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Demonstration Video

The EIP team has released the EIPlatform Minimum Viable Product (MVP) demonstration video and announces a giveaway of EMI Tokens to the first 1000 users.

TALLINN, KESKLINNA LINNAOSA, ESTONIA, July 24, 2018 / — EIPlatform is a decentralized marketing platform to enable direct interaction between brands and the esports community. The EIP team has released the EIPlatform Minimum Viable Product (MVP) demonstration video and announces a giveaway of EMI Tokens to the first 1000 users.

The EIP Ecosystem
Esports, or competitive gaming, has become a global phenomenon over the last few years, with a 40% growth rate year after year. In 2017, the esports industry generated nearly 500 million dollars and is estimated to become a $1.65 billion market by 2021, 46 Million people watched The Intel Extreme Maters in 2017 (in Katowice, Poland). That’s twice as large as the most recent NBA finals.

The Intel Extreme Maters, 2017
Gaming video content (GVC) is the most important, and massive, new media platform since social media, with an audience of 666 million, more than twice the size of the US population. In January, Amazon’s attracted more viewers than CNN. According to a study by SuperData, more unique viewers watched GVC than HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu combined.
The esports audience is mostly male (though this is dependant on genre), in their 20s and 30s and have a higher than average income. They are tech-savvy and they prefer to watch esports and GVC than regular primetime TV. They are also highly engaged and passionate about the games they watch and play and the esports players and teams they follow.
Endemic and non-endemic brands are recognizing that esports represents a very valuable marketing channel. Those brands that do not build relationships with the esports audience risk losing the next generation of high-spending consumers.
EIPlatform is a decentralized marketing platform powered by blockchainto enable direct interaction between brands and all the participants in the esports community. Two of EIPlatform’s founders, Sergey Nevodnichiy and Mikhail Barashkov have a long-standing background in the world of esports, having founded leading Russian esport teams, Team Empire and Spartak Esports. They understand the opportunities and complex issues facing marketing within the esports sector and along with the rest of the EIP team developed EIPlatform to solve them.
Key Problems of Marketing in the Esports Sector:
The esports market is complicated and can be confusing for brands. There are several games titles, genres, leagues, teams and tournaments and each has its own distinct audience. There is a high perceived risk of creating marketing campaigns that are not seen as “authentic” by the esports audience.
Esports marketing campaigns can be inefficient, with low returns on investment. One of the reasons for this is that the market is fragmented with various intermediaries and agencies who can take a large proportion of brands advertising budgets. Also, because esports marketing is relatively new and changing all the time, it is difficult to get accurate and consistent data to measure the success of marketing campaigns.
Major brands tend to only work with top teams, tournaments and streamers. Money in the industry tends to stay at the top, with little trickling down to the lower levels. This is not good for the future growth of the esports industry. It can be difficult for smaller tournaments and teams, and streamers with smaller audiences to gain access to the large advertising budgets available to their more successful counterparts.
The Solutions Provided by EIPlatform:
EIPlatform provides a solution to these issues by facilitating effective, direct interaction between all the participants in the esports ecosystem. One of the key aims of the platform is to replace agencies with a single point of entry to the market for more personalized and efficient direct marketing.
Advanced data management and analysis will allow advertisers to understand and target their target markets more effectively. Marketing campaigns will be more targeted and profitable. As EIPlatform benefits the esports community, advertisers who use the platform will gain the kudos of the fans and audience.
Brands of all sizes will be able to reach their target audience. Tournaments, teams, players and content creators of all levels will be able to monetize and benefit from the budgets of leading brands. Esports fans and viewers will benefit from rewards of exclusive goods and services.
EIPlatform MVP demonstration video
The EIP team is currently in the final stages of development for the EIPlatform MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and expect it to be launched very soon. The video below shows the core concept of EIPlatform in action.
FREE EMI Tokens Giveaway
All payments between participants in the EIPlatform system will be made via smart contracts using EMI. As part of the promotional campaign to attract future users of the platform’s services, EIP are distributing EMI tokens for free to the first 1000 users. These lucky participants will become first lucky users of EIPlatform. Each new user will be able to receive 100 free EMI tokens which they will be able to use for various rewards such as participation in esports teams’ activities, receive merchandise from leading brands, use for charity contributions or be able to qualify to win prizes. After the end of ICO the EIPlatform company is obliged to buy out EMI tokens at double the price.
To receive the 100 EMI tokens, users need to:
1) Sign up for the EIPlatform Telegram group
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Source: EIN Presswire